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What is Air Tube technology? Air Tube Headset Buying Guide!

What is Air Tube technology? Air Tube Headset Buying Guide!

In today’s era where we are exposed to Electromagnetic radiation all the time from different types of devices like Microwave, Television, Wifi routers, Air conditions, Tablets, Desktop, Laptop, Mobile phones, etc. I know if we want to totally avoid EMR then we have to live in a dense forest and this is not at all possible.

This is very true that we can not avoid EMR 100 percent but we can definitely avoid exposure to it to one extent. Because of this reason, I was googling out some EMR protection device and reached to the wonderful blog from smartmommies which contains the list of EMR protection device. In that list, I found a technology called AIR TUBE.

Among all the EMR emitting devices mobile phone is the most harmful device because it always in our pockets or very near to us. this is the only EMR emitting device which has a direct connection to our body and especially with our brain.

As we all know our brain is in itself emits electromagnetic waves which are very useful for our body but if another artificial EMR emitting device come in contact with our brain then brain activity gets disturbed which is having it own very dangerous results.

To get rid of this direct connection with our brain wired headset comes into the picture but unfortunately, it does not beats the purpose 100 %. Because EMR travels in the good conductor of electricity material and copper wire which is being used in headsets is a good conductor of electricity.

So if we want to be safe from EMR which comes from the direct connection of brain and mobile we have to use something different and that something different is AIR TUBE HEADPHONES.

What is Air tube Technology?

This technology is used to block the EMR to go into our brain from conducting wires or direct connection with brain and mobile. This air tube technology also having speakers but these speakers do not go into the ear rather it is 12-15 inches away from ear then there is a vacuum tube from speaker to the ear.

This vacuum tube does not transmit EMR and thats why this protect us 100% from EMR.

Image: Thanks to Tuicy air tube headphones.

This image speaks louder than any words as we can see in traditional headphones EMR is getting transmitted from mobile to speaker. These speakers directly go into our ear. On the other hand, radiation-free air tube headphones stop the radiation far from our ear and brain.

Air Tube Headset buying guide!

If you understood the technology well then you can choose the best air tube headphones by yourself. But I am jotting down a few points which should be considered before buying any air tube headphones.

1) Sound quality

This is true that air tube headphone is not having such crystal clear and full of tones sound but we have to trade-off the situation in choosing air tube headphones.

But many air tube headphone is having very quality sound. I will try to give you the list of air tube headphones which delivers the best quality of sound.

2) Material

Air tube comes in many types of material. Thick and flexible air tube are the best and durable.


Every anti-EMR device comes with radiation report which gives us the indication till what extent this device stops the radiation


Just hold it in your hand and you get to know the build quality. Always try to have the best build quality air tube headphones.


Read all customer reviews carefully then choose your item.


In this blog, we have covered the AIr tube technology and its advantages. Problem with traditional and air tube headphones. Along with this, we covered air tube headphone best buy steps as well. This technology is really a blessing in this world which is full of electromagnetic radiation and we should always try to avoid radiation. Many more things can be done like using a wired keyboard instead of a laptop keyboard. Use wired mouse instead of laptop keypad. While microwaving your food maintain a good distance with your microwave. If you like to know about the best headphones for toddlers, please comment below and we will get you the best guide on that.

Stay healthy stay radiation free.