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Best Oxygen Concentrator For Home Use

Best Oxygen Concentrator For Home Use

To survive, we need oxygen going from our lungs to the cells in our body. Sometimes the amount of oxygen in our blood can fall below normal levels. Asthma, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the flu, and COVID-19 are some of the health issues that may cause oxygen levels to drop. When the levels are too low, we may need to take extra oxygen, known as oxygen therapy.

Oxygen concentrators can supply 5-10 litres of oxygen per minute and are capable of producing 90-95 per cent of pure oxygen. Unlike oxygen tanks, they do not require refilling and can work 24X7 with a power source.

You should not use an oxygen concentrator at home unless it has been prescribed by a health care provider. Giving yourself oxygen without talking to a doctor first may do more harm than good. You may end up taking too much or too little oxygen. Deciding to use an oxygen concentrator without a prescription can lead to serious health problems, such as oxygen toxicity caused by receiving too much oxygen. It can also lead to a delay in receiving treatment for serious conditions like COVID-19.

How Does An Oxygen Concentrator Work ?

The portable oxygen concentrators are a great choice for extended travel and short-term trips, home oxygen concentrators are built for long-term use at home.

The oxygen concentrators work by separating oxygen molecules in the air from the nitrogen molecules to form a concentrated gas made up of 90–95% pure oxygen. Normally, the air we breathe is made up of 79% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. Home oxygen concentrators flip that ratio on its head to create a gas that is almost pure oxygen for therapeutic purposes.

How are concentrators different from oxygen cylinders?

Oxygen concentrators are the easiest alternatives to cylinders but can only supply 5-10 litres of oxygen per minute. Patients who are critical require 40-50 litres per minute require cylinders . Cylinders require refilling, however, concentrators only need a power source to draw in ambient air.

Factors to consider before buying oxygen concentrator for home use

  • Check oxygen purity indicator: While buying an oxygen concentrator, it is important to check its OPI, meaning the oxygen purity indicator, it shows the purity of the oxygen that the concentrator is letting out. Experts say it should not be below 87 per cent.
  • Check capacity of oxygen concentrator: There are options available from 1 LPM to 10 LPM (Litres per minute), which one should you buy should be strictly on the advice of your doctor. Generally the advise experts give is that for a small family with no senior citizens, 5L at 90 per cent oxygen concentration is a good choice. But if you have two or more senior citizens in the family, it is advised to go for 10L one with 90 per cent oxygen concentration as it can support two patients when the need arises.

“5 Best oxygen concentrators for home use”

1. Konsung Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen concentrator is the model which produces an average of 93% purity oxygen to meet the flow requirements of hospital, home, house care use and etc. It can continuously and stably work for 24 hours daily with little or no maintenance of the main machine among its whole lifetime. Users do not need to open the machine shell to attain filters replacement.

konsung oxygen generator for home


  • Oil Free compressor
  • 24 hours work continuously
  • Optional for using 2-way oxygen splitter for two peoples
  • Three reliable alarm systems: power off alarm, pressure circulation fault alarm and compressor fault alarm
  • AVG oxygen purity: 93%±3%
  • Low sound level: less than 45dB (A)
  • Net weight: only 24kg
  • Strong ABS shell: Anti-aging, fashion design.
  • Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator with Intelligent Alarm System, 24 hrs continuous Working


  • Its bit heavy

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2. Hesley Oxygen Concentrator

hesley oxygen generator for home


  • High Concentration Oxygen】Stable and continuous oxygen output. Up to 90% pure oxygen and an adjustable flow rate.Product weight is 16.5 kgs
  • Intelligent Control Panel – Easy to use control panel with remote control makes it easy to operate
  • Built in water tank design makes it easy and portable to carry anywhere
  • Noise cancelling Technology ensures minimum noise level while using the concentrator Extensively used for Skin care, improves blood circulation, increases concentration, alertness and memory, strengthens the immune system, reduces chronic fatigue syndrome, accelerates the regeneration of the body after physical exertion, has a relaxing effect, has a natural effect against headaches, migraines and hangovers.

3. Owgels Oxygen Concentrator Machine

Owgels Oxygen Concentrator is made up of German Technology with the best-in-class product. This portable oxygen concentrator machine converts the surrounding air into pure oxygen that is ready to breathe. This machine is equipped with a humidifier bottle, oxygen hose, nebulizer and air filter. So, there is no need to bother refilling your oxygen cylinder again. It Can produce oxygen from 1 liter to 7 liters per minute at various concentration flow. Concentration of oxygen level is 90% at 1L/min. It can be used continuously. The O2 (Oxygen) produced by this concentrator machine is clean.

owgels best home oxygen generator


  • Rated Power : 200W.
  • Rated Operational Voltage : AC220 50HZ.
  • Oxygen Concentration Range : 30% to 90 %.
  • Oxygen Concentration Range : >1L/min (Adjustable 1-7L/min; The oxygen concentration changes With it).
  • Running Noise <45 db

4. AMONOY Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine

best oxygen generator for home use


  • 1-7L Oxygen flow adjustable – 1L/m: 90%±3; 2L/m: 75%; 3L/m: 60%; 4L/m: 50%; 5L/m: 40%; 6L/m: 35%; 7L/m: 30%, HD LED Touch screen easy to read and remote control by far infrared.
  • ≤45dB Quiet – The Oxygen machine is very low noise, less than 45dB, night use will not affect sleep, It works with or without water, no need to refill at night.
  • Anion Function and Timing Function- Built-in high frequency negative ion generator, The machine is equipped with a timing function (4 hours).
  • AC power 220V- Power supply:220V±10%, 50Hz|Input Power: 130VA (not battery powered), It can work 48 hours nonstop.
  • Portable Design- Outline size: 11.2in*7.4in*11.9in|Weight: 15.4Lb|Easy to move with convenient handle.


  • Warranty not applicable for this product

5. RespiKart 05A Portable Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator

respikart oxygen concentrator for home


  • Respikart oxygen concentrator capacity of 5 lpm, runs on electricity
  • Inbuilt nebulizer, screen to show real time oxygen purity, timer available for alarm, oxygen purity indicator, light weight moveable
  • Hardworking , high performing, reliable and consitent oxygen generation device
  • Purity 93%(±3%) from 1-5L

Are oxygen concentrators dangerous?

Deciding to use an oxygen concentrator without a prescription can lead to serious health problems, such as oxygen toxicity caused by receiving too much oxygen. It can also lead to a delay in receiving treatment for serious conditions like COVID-19.

Getting started with Oxygen Generator for home

Improving lungs capacity

If your lungs got impacted during COVID, it’s extremely important to follow certain guidelines and techniques to bring them back to their original capacity. Pneumonia in the chest can lead to several complications and that’s the reason one must be extremely cautious during the recovery phase. Here are some physiotherapist recommended exercises that you must do daily, at least 6-7 times every day

The three balls machine is one of the your biggest bets in strengthening your lungs. The right way to do it is by inhaling deeply and trying to get all the balls up, and exhaling outside the nozzle. Make sure none of this is a jerky movement. It should be very smooth.

  • Pursed breathing is another very important breathing technique that helps open the lungs. Purse your lips and deeply inhale from your nose. Now make an O and exhale from your mouth. Repeat this as many times as you can!
  • Blow a balloon This will be tough but is a highly recommended exercise for lung recovery. The idea is to not give up.
  • Walk This will be tough but is a highly recommended exercise for lung recovery. The idea is to not give up..