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Top 7 Must-have Electromagnetic Protection devices in India

Top 7 Must-have Electromagnetic Protection devices in India

All electronic devices emit either radiofrequency, electric or magnetic waves/radiations. Collectively, these radiations are referred to as electromagnetic (EMF) radiation. According to studies, these frequencies are not good for human health. When exposed to them, one can easily get various health problems such as cancer, infertility, memory loss among other many complications. So here is the list of Top 7 Must-have Electromagnetic Protection devices in India.

A deep Cohort Study of Adolescents’ Memory Performance and Individual Brain Dose of Microwave Radiation from Wireless Communication was published on 23 July 2018 found that cumulative RF-EMF brain exposure from mobile phone use over one year had a negative effect on the development of figural memory performance in adolescents.

The good news is that you can protect yourself against these radiations. By keeping a distance from electronic devices or limiting their use, you can avoid the harmful effects. But, due to the advancement in technology, it is almost impossible to avoid or stay away from electronic devices. One of the best ways that you can protect yourself against exposure to these EMF radiations is to use EMF protection devices.

It is very much important to notice that parents recognize that children have smaller brains, very thinner skulls, softer brain tissue, and a higher number of neurons for development of brain, which makes them more susceptible to damage from cell phone exposure than adults.

This infographic speaks louder than any word.

There are different varieties that you can get in the market today that help limits the amount of EMF radiations that reach you. These protection devices are made from special materials which help to limit the number of radiations that pass through. Some of the materials that can prevent EMF radiations include aluminum and steel among other metals. In the market, there are other materials which are claimed to be protecting these radiations. Materials such as stones, jewelry, and pendants are claimed to be able to protect against EMF radiations.

The EMF protection market is laden with different radiation devices making it hard to know which one is really working and which one is not. Unless a device has been scientifically tested and proved in the lab, you cannot tell for sure that it does protect against these radiations.

If you want to know more about EMF then please go through Must Know About Mobile Tower Radiation Effects on Pregnancy

Most importantly, before purchasing any EMF protection, ensure that you do your groundwork well. Search for facts and don’t rely on reviews alone. To help you make the best choice, we have done the hard part for you. We have researched and came up with a list of Top 7 Must-have Electromagnetic Protection device that you can trust.

So without any delay lets get into the list of must-have Electromagnetic Protection device

1. AIRobic Sports version Radiation-Free Air tube Headphones

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This particular air-tube technology-enabled headphone stops radiation up to 98 %. Along with this, it has many additional qualities

  • It comes with 3.5mm jack that means can be plugged with any device.
  • It has durable anti-slip Ear hooks that remain in place during workouts.
  • You can mute your music or start by simply pinching the air tubes.
  • You can use your headphone for a long time and that too without harming your body.

But we are listing this wonderful device because of its anti electromagnetic radiation feature. Let me describe a little bit about technology.

We all are aware cell phone emits EMR(Electromagnetic radiation) and when we use regular hands-free or wired headset then this EMR travels through the copper wire of headset and enters in the body and in this way we defeat the purpose of using handsfree.

On the other side, we are suggesting Air-Tube technology-enabled hands-free which has speaker, not near your brain rather in starting of air-tube. So EMR gets disconnected in starting of Air-Tube and the user gets wonderfull clean radiation-free music.

2.    Armor’ Radiation Shielding Laptop Pad

This is a laptop radiation shield which is designed to offer you maximum protection against radiations from your laptop. According to scientific tests that have been performed on this device, it is able to protect against almost all EMF radiations.

As most of the time, we place the laptop on the lap where there is high exposure to EMF on the lower abdomen area which increases the risk of infertility in both male and female that’s why we are having so much of infertility problem now these days and IVF centers are increasing day by day.

Recent research from NCBI reveals that the exposure to cell phones, microwave ovens, laptops, or Wi-Fi produces deleterious effects on the testes, which may affect sperm count, morphology, motility, increased DNA damage.

So this laptop Armor’s shield is very much required in today’s era. It has the following features

  • It is heat resistant up to 60 degrees – and therefore gives you relaxed and cool comfort
  • It blocks up to 90% unwanted RF/ WiFi radiation passing through to the body
  • It has hydrophobic fiber for protection against water or coffee spills. Flame Retardant against accidental cigarette burns.
  • It is available in 2 sizes (14″ and 15.6″) and 8 color/texture variants.

3. Radiation Protection Baby Blanket by Vest

  • This baby Blanket protects and creates a safe environment for infants to grow and develop, by minimizing their exposure to everyday radiation from 3G/4G, your home wifi or your everyday Bluetooth radiation.
  •  Ths blanket is embedded with protective metal fiber, this baby cover minimizes radiation exposure, without compromising on softness.
  • It reduces radiation by up to 99%. If your baby wrapped with the blanket not covered.

4.    eLink EMF Protection DevicePendant

This is a highly polar and energy amplifying device. It has been made with the latest technology that helps to amplify the positive energy around you while at the same time protecting you from the negative energy.

It offers you the protection of up to 6 ft diameter but it is strongest at the 3 ft diameter. The performance of the metal is known to enhance performance and productivity, boost your moods and general well-being.

  • No device can measure the EMF field using this anti-EMR but biological many observed significant difference in their energy.
  • If you use Bluetooth earphone then you will feel very much difference of energy in living.

The eLink EMF device is also known to offer protection from cell phones, computers, electrical wiring, cell towers, and overhead power lines.

5.    Cell Phone/iPad/Tablets EMR Shields

Cell phones/Tablets are among the major EMF radiation producers. There are millions of users the world over. Most people carry them around with them either in their pockets or bags. Due to how frequently we use cell phones, we are at a high risk of being exposed to these EMF radiations.

This shield is designed to help protect against heat and electric EMF radiations that they produce. They are made from lightweight materials so that you can carry it with you. They are mostly made from thin sheets of metals or gold plated antennae to reduce the amount of EMF that can reach the skin.

According to studies, the cell phone shields are able to prevent up to 99% of the EMF radiations. Therefore, This shield is a great way to protect yourself against EMF radiations all day.

It fits with iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, Air, Air 2, Pro 9.7, Nexus 10, Galaxy Tab 9.7 or another 9-10″ tablet, Its locking brackets provide a safe and snug fit.

It has wonderful reviews as well on Amazon.

6. Shieldgreen, Anti Radiation/EMF Shielding Blanket-Modern Dot

  • Environmentally friendly compact cotton, the polyester fabric used Stainless steel wire.
  •  Ideal for use during pregnancy at home or office, Made in Korea, Grounding(Earthing)
  • The EMF shielding blanket can be used to protect against EMF & earthing therapy for use as a comfortable blanket in homes and for use of the laptop, Wi-Fi and wearable devices in homes and offices.
  • Earthing therapy reduces cortisol and increases melatonin.

6.    Brightsandz Radiation Shielded Fabric

  • 100% radiation shielding in a 10MHz-3GHz frequency range
  • Can be used as curtain liner
  • Opaque, does not allow light
  • Can be used for multiple purposes like baby wrap, baby and adult cap etc.

7. HTC Electromagnetic detector

The device is meant to detect all the major EMF radiations such as microwave, magnetic, radio frequency and electric radiations. The sensors are ideal is detecting the presence of EMF radiations anywhere you point it.

It also comes with a digital display with a backlight which allows you to get the reading. The backlight helps you to see the readings even in a badly lit environment. It also has an audio sound output which helps to hear the radiation sounds around you.

The HTC device is able to measure radiations from cell phones, power lines, TV radiation, computers, WIFI router, Bluetooth to mention just but a few.

The device is user-friendly, has a display screen, measures all kinds of EMF radiations, has an audio sound and is cost-efficient.

Anti Radiation Canopies

Are you experiencing from any of the following electro sensitivity problems irritability, ringing in the ears, insomnia, and nausea? It is time to reward the body with uninterrupted sleep. Bed canopies are the solution to all your challenges.

Bed canopies are made from various materials such as day lite and nature II materials. They are designed to cover from the top and sides of the bed. It has an open area where you can easily go in and out.

It is designed to help prevent RF radiations which bring about electrosensitivity problems.

The features of bed canopies are:

  • They are easy to maintain
  • Highly effective
  • High quality
  • Custom made to fit either low or king-size beds.
  • It has minimal effect on natural light
  • It reduces radiation by 95 to 99%
  • The fabrics are made to complement house theme
  • It is tested by the Indian government labs

Best EMF Detectors in India

There are various EMF detectors available in the market today. The best detector should be able to detect radiations from a wide range of electronic devices including cell phones, TV, laptops, cell stations among others.

In India, There is not so much choice in EMF detector and I found only one best on the basis of reviews:

•    HTC Instrument EMF – 522 Digital Electro Magnetic Field Tester Meter – it measures radiations between 30 MHz and 300Hz, it has a single sensor and its battery can last up to 9 hours


Due to the advancement in technology, we are surrounded by EMF radiations from almost every device both in our homes and at the workplace. If you want to increase the chances of reducing EMF radiation exposure for you and your family, it is advisable to use more than one form of EMF radiation protection.

For instance, you can install a smart meter to detect any radiations in the house and then paint your house with EMF protective paint. Besides that, you can protect your phone and laptop with the shields to prevent the radiations. Painting the walls of the room with most electronic devices will highly reduce the EMF radiations in your house. Also, using window protectors will prevent the entry of UVA and UVB from entering your house and also heat.

Most importantly, before you choose any EMF radiation protection, ensure you research well about the efficiency of the method selected. A good protection will be backed up with proper lab tests and proof of its effectiveness. Do not rely on the reviews alone.

The truth is the EMF protection devices discussed in this write-up, they are effective and they have been tested. A quality protection device against the EMF is a must-have in this age and time of an increase in electronic use. We hope that this guide will be helpful in your fight against EMF radiations.