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Best Macrame Wall Decor for styling up your Home

Best Macrame Wall Decor for styling up your Home

The wall hangings of paper and glasses have been around for so long yet there is one particular hand-woven art which is loved everywhere – macrame! Bohemian decor never goes out of style for those with the bohemian spirit in them. To some, boho chic decor seems nothing more than a passing fad, but for others it’s just a way of life. With macrame wall decor you can bring texture to a bare wall and more warmth to a contemporary room.

Materials used in macramé include traditional natural fibers like wool, cotton, linen, hemp, leather, and jute, but man-made materials like rayon and nylon are used just as often. Macrame items may also include decorative elements like beads, rings, and tubes made from wood, plastic or metal. The art of macramé can also be used in a variety of treatments from the small, like earrings, to a large bed covering.

Macrame has a charming vintage appeal to it.

In this article, you will get a glimpse how a macrame can be used to make your home walls more presentable and aesthetic.

Macrame Photo Display Wall Hanging Pictures Organizer

This Macrame photo display organizer is an elegant way to display your photos, art works, postcards and more in a unique and stylish way to bring your home, office or hostel rooms to life.

Its intrinsic design can add aesthetic style to your walls.Cast a mystical glow throughout your home with this durable and handmade cotton cord and wood dowel, with sturdy and removable wood clips. Integrate with LED lights for an eclectic flair.

Solaza macrame wall hanging decor

Home decor is an integral part of life. Your home is where you spend a large part of your life. You want it to be comfortable, welcoming, relaxing, and embellished with nice things to look at and use. Well, here we have selected latest line of home decor that brings all these qualities into your home and more.This eye-catching wall hanging decor you’ll find it hard to take your eyes off them. Few qualities that we feel can’t be missed with this Macrame Photo Wall Hanging

Modern design with ethnic feel

  • Modern design: LED lights and soothing colors gives it a modern look
  • Elegant, classy, and eye-catching fairy lights with photo clips
  • Use it as a gift, souvenir, or a symbol of remembrance
  • Build of strong and natural fabric for durability
  • Long-lasting and sustainable product
  • Attach photos of “any size and shape” to create your unique look

Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you never want to lose

Macrame Net Ring Wall Hanging Bohemian Home Decor Cotton Tapestry

Elegant way to bring your home, office or hostel rooms to bohemian life. Gives you a chance to chic display of your memories with this JAPANDI style decor.

To Native Americans, this served the purpose of ‘catching dreams’. Dream catchers are of Ojibwe origin and are meant to protect children from nightmares. Dreams are believed to enter the dream catchers where bad dreams get caught in the tangled web of the dream catchers.  The good dreams are believed to pass through the web and float down to the beads and feathers. The feathers are meaningful because they were believed to transfer the good dreams from dream catchers to the baby. The bad dreams caught in the web of dream catchers are believed to be destroyed by sunlight.

This attractive-looking dream catcher is intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative dreams, while letting only positive dreams pass through. We have carefully merged art with benefits of colour psychology that will ensure happiness and optimism.

Chic Everywhere, Every time

  • Distinctive look where ever you place
  • Day or night, it looks fabulous in every light condition
  • Weaved with High-quality tassels
  • Hand-Made all through, every piece is unique
  • Amazing thread work all through
  • This Macrame comes in a reusable Jute bag, can be perfect gifting option

The only requirement of having a dream, is believing in it

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Macrame Double Ring Wall Hanging Bohemian Home Decor

This gorgeous Bohemian wall hanging would look perfect hanging in your home or office. This handmade wall hanging, one of a kind fringe hanging will fit right in. A beautiful decor piece for any space, living room, bedroom, nursery, studio, office, or any other personal space.This wall hanging adds a Boho touch and style. It will look great in different interior concepts: bohemian, rustic, contemporary and many others.This piece of wall art will complement your style anywhere you choose to hang it.

Graceful and refreshing wall decor

  • Put in your bedroom or living area
  • Brings grace and serenity to the room
  • Pair it with any color of the palate to enhance the look
  • Put next to lamp for a calming effect
  • Amazing thread work all through
  • This Macrame comes in a reusable Jute bag, can be perfect gifting option

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