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Top 10 Best Diaper Bags

Top 10 Best Diaper Bags

Taking care of a newborn baby is no small task. The best way that an infant can express his feelings is through crying. And you need different things to feed, calm, soothe and comfort your baby for at least the first 3 years of his life. There are a lot of changes that will occur to your baby as he is growing up. Therefore for your ease and comfort of carrying much-needed stuff for your adorable, we have reviewed the best diaper bags here.

As a mother, you will need a lot of baby essentials like diapers, baby wipes, an extra change of cloth, milk bottle, snacks, to mention but a few. To carry all these things, you need a diaper bag. In fact, a diaper bag is a mother’s best buddy. 

As a modern mum, you need more than just your kid’s essentials, and you also have your personal effects such as mobile phone, house keys, wallet, among others, and there is no need of carrying an extra purse for the same. Considering the many things that you will carry while going out, you need a big diaper bag. Most probably, it should have extra pockets and a strap to comfortably carry it around.

Carrying all these stuff plus the baby can be cumbersome at times. But with the best diaper bag, you can easily carry all the baby essentials and your effect in a single bag. However, getting the best diaper bag in India is not a walk in the park. It is also critical to remember that since you will be carrying this bag for at least 3 years, it is paramount to buy a high-quality bag. In this post, we have compiled a list of top 10 best diaper bags in India for you to choose from.

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Top 10 Best Diaper Bags in India

1.     R for Rabbit Caramello

This diaper bag is made of high-quality waterproof material. It has a backpack style, and besides using it as a diaper bag, you can use it for regular errands. In short, it is a multipurpose backpack bag.

It is spacious, and it comes with 9 pockets where you can store the baby essentials. The pockets are insulated to ensure that the temperature is maintained for hours. It also has a side pocket where you can put a water bottle.

Also, it has a diaper changing mat where you can change your baby’s diapers. It is lightweight and long-lasting.


  • The pockets are insulated to maintain the temperature
  • Comes with a diaper changing mat
  • Durable 
  • Made of high-quality waterproof material
  • It is spacious and has 9 pockets
  • Has different colors which make it appealing


  • The push buttons at the bottom have no work

2. Motherly Babies Diaper Bag 

This is a new arrival diaper bag that comes with a set of stroller hooks, a changing mat, and a bottle bag. The stroller hooks are meant to help you hold the bag easily.

It is made of waterproof material, so even if the milk or water spills on it, you only wipe it. Also, it has a zipper at the back, which allows you to arrange or take things out easily.

The bag is lightweight, and so you can carry it around easily. Also, it is durable and appropriately priced.


  • Very spacious 
  • Has a zipper that accesses directly into the bag for easy arranging and removing things.
  • It has numerous compartments 
  • Comes with a changing mat
  • Has stroller hooks for easy handling


  • The material quality is not standard

3. Robustrion Diaper Backpack

This is a multipurpose diaper backpack bag. It is spacious and can be used to carry many baby essentials such as water bottles, milk bottles, towels, changing clothes, diapers, to mention but few.

The bag comes with many pockets where you can easily arrange your items. You can store different things in different pockets for easy accessibility and also orderliness. 

This bag is made of waterproof material, which makes it safe even if the water or milk gets spilled. The material is easy to wipe and clean. Besides that, this bag has a stylish design, which makes it ideal for classic mothers. It also comes in a cool color, which makes the mother look modern and stylish.

It has a tote style, but also it comes with shoulder straps, and also you can use it as a backpack. It is versatile in nature.


  • It is large and spacious
  • Has many compartments and pockets
  • Made of waterproof material
  • Long-lasting
  • Versatile in the way of carrying
  • Multi-purpose in use
  • Has an elegant and stylish design to complement the modern style


  • None

4. Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Diaper Bag 

This bag is made of Tefron material which is machine washable. Also, the material is strong and long-lasting. It comes with numerous pockets that are insulated and anti-microbial treated to prevent the growth of molds and other bacteria. This helps to avoid the accumulation of bad odor in the bag.

The material used in this bag is non-absorbent, which means that whatever you store in the bag will not become dump but remain dry. Apart from that, it is designed with a messenger style and comes with 2 shoulder straps for easy carrying. The straps are removable, and if you wish, you can carry it as a tote bag.

It comes with several compartments and nine pockets. Four of the pockets are zipped for safekeeping of items, while three are not zipped. Also, it has a full body zipper which makes it easy to arrange or take things out of the bag.

The base of the bag is firm and robust, which enables the bag to stand upright on its base. This makes it easy to arrange things in the bag.


  • Long-lasting 
  • The pockets are insulated and anti-microbial treated to prevent mold growth
  • The material is non-absorbent and easy to clean
  • Versatile
  • Has seven pockets
  • Firm and strong base


  • None was found 

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5. Boho Mia Classic Diaper Bag

This is a stylish tote diaper bag. It is made of waterproof material, and it comes with 13 different compartments for easy organizing of baby essentials.

It has two out pockets where you can store easy to access personal effects. It has a full-body zipper, which makes it easy to access the inner compartments.

It has a sleek design, which makes it like more of a casual bag than a diaper bag. Besides using it as a diaper bag, you can use it for other errands.

It also comes with a detachable strap that you can use to carry the bag over the shoulders. The belt has a buckle for height adjustment.


  • Made of waterproof material
  • Has 13 compartments
  • Comes with a full-body zipper for easy access
  • Versatile
  • Has a classic design


  • It is expensive

6. ReeBaby Diaper Bag

This classic diaper bag stands out from the crowd because of its fashionable design. On one side, it has a metal logo, which adds to its design.

It is designed with stroller straps, which help to distribute the weight equally when carrying it. Also, it has many compartments and pockets for easy arranging of items. Apart from that, it comes with a diaper change mat which is well-cushioned for easy diaper changing.

Besides that, it comes with a matching baby bottle pouch that is insulated to maintain the temperature. The pouch comes at no extra cost. 

Although it’s pricey, it is worth every extra penny you spend on it.


  • Sleek and fashionable design
  • Has many pockets
  • Comes with a well-cushioned diaper changing mat
  • Comes with a baby bottle pouch


  • Expensive

7. Babymoon Backpacks

This backpack diaper bag comes in a stylish design that comes in 15 different designs to choose from. It is very versatile in that you can carry it as a tote bag or handbag or messenger or as a backpack bag.

It is spacious enough to carry up to 4 milk and water bottles at a go. Therefore, if you make frequent long journeys, then this bag is ideal for you.

The material used to make the bag is hand washable. Also, it has a full body zipper for easy access to the bag. Additionally, it comes in a pack of 3 bags so you can use the smaller bags to carry your personal effects.


  • Stylish 
  • Spacious and has many compartments 
  • Comes in a pack of 3 bags
  • Versatile in the way you can carry it
  • Available in 15 different designs to select from


  • None

8. Offspring Outing Mama Shoulder Diaper Bag 

This diaper bag comes in a unique design yet lightweight for easy carrying. Also, it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for convenient carrying.

It has three pockets with zippers for the safekeeping of your baby’s items. Besides that, it comes with a diaper changing mat, which helps you change diapers comfortably.

It is made of hand-washable material for easy cleaning.


  • Comes with three pockets
  • Made of hand-washable material
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a diaper changing mat


  • Lacks side pocket
  • Poor zipper quality

9. Vismiintrend Baby Diaper Backpack Bag

It is made of sturdy material; hence it is long-lasting. It is designed as a backpack so that the weight will be spread uniformly. Most importantly, it is spacious and can carry a lot of baby essentials. It has 15 pockets to arrange the items neatly. The pockets are insulated to help maintain the temperature of the items stored there.

It is versatile in that you can also use it as a regular backpack bag. The material used is waterproof, so you can easily wipe and water that spills on it. It comes with a shoulder strap for hands-free carrying.


  • Very spacious
  • Stylish
  • Made of waterproof material
  • Has a full body zipper for easy access
  • The pockets are insulated


  • None

10. LuvLap Lily Diaper Bag-Backpack Cum Tote Bag

Two way carry – diaper bag can be carried both as a backpack or as a tote bag.

Waterproof and easy to clean – made of premium oxford material makes this bag water-resistant, thereby safe from water and milk spills. Large storage capacity with 15 pockets – 7 inner pockets with a key ring holder and 8 outer pockets allow organizing items easily, making more space and finding essentials faster.

2 Insulated bottle holders with inner tin foil insulation layer, helps keep milk warm on-the-go, wide view top zipper compartment with metal support allows wide easy viewing to place or take out things easily, hidden anti-theft pocket design at the back and easy access back pocket makes it convenient and secure.

Unique tissue dispensing side pocket allows easy access to tissues during an accidental spill, includes diaper changing mat allowing convenient on-the-go diaper change.

Besides using it as a diaper bag, you can also use it as a casual bag.


  • Spacious
  • The base has pegs for upright standing
  • Comes with a diaper changing mat
  • Multipurpose 


  • None was found

Which is the best diaper bag style to buy?

Best diaper bags

Diaper bags come in all manner of styles and color shades. Here are the major diaper bags available in the market:

  • Tote diaper bags – this type has double handles, and you can carry them over the shoulders. They are usually spacious and have many compartments. They are ideal for mothers looking for a combination of style and convenience.
  • Traditional diaper bags – these are regular bags, and they are the most commonly used by most parents.They come with numerous pockets or compartments both on the inside and outside.
  • Satchel diaper bags – they are smaller when compared to other diaper bags in the market. In most cases, you will find them in square shapes, and they have compartments for arranging different baby products. They are different from tote bags in that they have shorter handles, and they are carried over the elbow.
  • Convertible diaper bag – as the name suggests, this diaper bag can be converted into various styles.It can be converted into a tote, backpack, or messenger bag to suit your needs. It has a tote like make but with a removable strap.
  • Hobo diaper bag – this is a combination of a messenger and tote bag, and it is ideal for mothers that want a casual look. You can carry it over the shoulders, and it has ample space for arranging baby stuff.
  • Messenger diaper bag – they are designed very classically, and they usually have two compartments and a fold-over cover. It has a shoulder strap for carrying it.
  • Backpack diaper bag – if you are looking for a spacious diaper bag, then settle for this type. It comes with compartments and pockets for arranging your stuff. Besides that, it will give you feasibility when you are traveling with your baby.Being a backpack, the weight of the items is evenly distributed, so you will not get tired easily.

Features to consider

1. Style 

When buying a diaper bag, the style of the bag is a critical factor to consider. You do not have to go for a bag that will reveal what you are carrying. Therefore, go for a bag that will suit your needs and disposition.

2. Base

Different bags have different bases. Some are designed to stand on their base without any support. A bag with a strong base that can stand is better because you can easily take anything you want from the bag.

3. Easy to clean 

Different materials are used to make diaper bags. Look for a material that you can easily clean. If the material is easy to clean, it will save you a lot of time cleaning the bag in case some food gets spilled on it.

4. Closure

Go for a bag that has a zipper so that you can close and prevent your essentials from falling. Some bags have a zipper that allows you to access the interior directly. Such a bag is easy to use because you can easily arrange or take stuff out without much hassle.

5. Cost 

The amount that you are willing to spend on a bag is critical. But you should not settle for a very cheap bag that will wear out within a few months. Going for a medium-priced bag is better because it will be quality and affordable.

6. Compartments 

This is a crucial factor to consider. A bag with many pockets and compartments will allow you to arrange your baby’s essentials easily.

7. Size 

When purchasing a diaper bag, size is significant to consider. The size of the bag you will settle for is a matter of personal preference.

8. Material 

The type of material used in making the bag is critical. The material should be strong and durable so that it can serve you longer. You can feel the texture of the material and know whether it is strong or not.

9. Breathability 

Most of the baby essentials are likely to have some smell. For instance, you might carry a stained cloth, dirty clothes, or a milk bottle. If these things are enclosed a bag for long, they will have a bad odor. Therefore, go for a breathable bag. Also, if possible, the material should be able to absorb some odor.