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Top 12 Necessary Household Activities to Avoid During Pregnancy!

Top 12 Necessary Household Activities to Avoid During Pregnancy!

Some household chores while pregnant is a great way to stay fit and active. It is safe to do some household activities during pregnancy, but take note that some tasks might harm your pregnancy. Remember, you will not be pregnant forever, soon you will go back to doing all the household chores as before.

It is paramount to be careful during pregnancy so that you do not harm your developing fetus. Therefore, it is advisable to seek help in doing some household chores. As your tummy continues to grow and you add some weight, you need to re-adjust your duties because it might not be easy to manoeuvre some of the chores. 

Besides that, you are likely to be exhausted, and you might need some chores tiresome to perform. While you can easily carry out some errands, it is prudent to delegate some tasks. In this write-up, you will learn some of the household chores that you should avoid and the risks involved if you engage yourself in them.

Remember, even in those chores that you can do; you need to find balance. While some tasks might strain your pregnancy, avoiding doing some chores all together is unhealthy as well. The bottom line, therefore, is that you balance between duties and rest so that you can have a healthy pregnancy.

The following are some of the household chores that you should avoid during pregnancy:

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1. Avoid Cleaning Pets

Cleaning your cat’s litter or the dog’s wastes increases chances of exposing yourself to germs and other parasites. Studies have indicated that the cat’s faeces contain a parasite known as Toxoplasma Gondii which causes toxoplasmosis in the fetus. If you expose yourself to this parasite in the first trimester of your pregnancy, there are high chances of experiencing a miscarriage. 

Besides that, Toxoplasma Gondii can cause some brain damage or blindness to the developing fetus. There is no routine check-up for this parasite during pregnancy, and therefore it is paramount not to expose yourself to this parasite.

Some of the signs of toxoplasmosis during pregnancy include sore throat, mild flu, muscle aches and high body temperature. However, in most cases, these symptoms are not exhibited. Therefore, it is better to avoid cleaning pets during pregnancy to prevent contracting these parasites.

2. Avoid Painting 

Most house paints contain fumes which, when inhaled, can have severe effects on the fetus. However, it is not known the number of fumes that can be harmful. This is because you cannot see the amount of chemical fumes you can inhale during a painting exercise.

Few studies have been conducted on the effect of paint fumes on fetus development. But it is known that fumes have an impact on babies. Besides that, handling house paint can increase tenfold the chances of you being exposed to lead. This is because some house paints contain lead in them. You must avoid exposing yourself to lead because it has adverse effects on babies.

Expose to paint fumes and lead to a developing fetus during the first trimester is dangerous. Because during the first trimester is when the different body organs are developing. Exposure to any harmful chemicals during this stage can severely affect the fetus. Therefore, it is essential to avoid exposing yourself to paint during pregnancy. Seek help if you need your house painted while you are pregnant.

3. Avoid Carrying Heavy Objects

It is not safe to carry heavy loads during pregnancy. This is because there are high risks of getting hurt. However, the fetus might not get hurt by the weight. When you lift heavy loads, it increases the number of hormones in the bloodstream. When there are too many hormones in the blood, it makes the ligaments to become soft. When the ligaments become weak, they weaken the joints.

Besides that, when a pregnant mother lifts heavyweights, it puts more pressure on the back. This is because of the centre of gravity for an expectant mother shifts. When the centre of gravity has shifted, it exposes you to more chances of sustaining an injury. In addition to the damage to the back, lifting heavy loads can lead to an increase in blood pressure and cause pattern labor pains.

During pregnancy, the last part of your body that you want to get an injury is the back. Because the back supports the weight of the growing tummy, therefore, if you have heavy loads that need to be lifted, seek help from that around you.

If you want to lift an object, then slide it on the table surface and then carry it next to your body. Ensure you avoid bending to lift any object from the ground. Also, do not carry heavy weight above your waist.

4. Dying your hair

Studies have found out that high doses of hair dye chemicals are likely to harm the developing fetus. This is because of the chemicals from the dye can enter into your bloodstream. However, some of these chemicals are removed from the bloodstream as soon as they come.

However, no study has established how much of the dye chemical is harmful. As much as the amount of the compound that is considered harmful to the fetus is not known, it is advisable to avoid dying your hair during pregnancy.

There are no studies that have identified when it is the appropriate time to dye the hair, for the safety of your child, it is better to avoid dying altogether.

However, if it is a must to dye your hair, then you can take the following precautions:

  • Dye your hair in an open-air
  • Wear gloves while handling the dye
  • Do not wash the stain until the recommended time is up

Besides that, perming your hair during the second and third trimester is generally considered safe. Perming your hair will help to prevent applying any more hair dye hence reduces the risks involved with hair dying.

5. Using Harsh Chemicals

Some products such as cleaning detergents, bleach and mosquito spray contain harsh chemicals. If you must use such products, then seek help from family members or friends. Most importantly, ensure that you read the labels to ensure that there are no safety precautions issued against pregnant mothers.

Also, if you must use such products, ensure that you follow the safety precautions as indicated by the manufacturer. In addition to that, ensure that you handle them in a well-ventilated area. Some of these products, such as toilet deodorants contain harmful chemicals which can destroy the blood cells. This can lead to the development of the anaemic condition. One of the poisonous substance available in toilet deodorant is naphthalene. 

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6. Avoid hot tub

It is normal to develop some body aches during pregnancy, and you might want to use the hot tub to relax the body. However, it has been established that exposing your fetus to high temperature during development more, especially during the first trimester can lead to defects.

If you want to use any complementary therapy during pregnancy, it is advisable to seek advice from the doctor first. The doctor will be able to tell you which treatment is ideal for a pregnant mother and which one is not.

However, if you must use the hot tub, then the temperature should not be higher than 104-degree Fahrenheit. Instead, use a warm bath.

7. Avoid climbing 

During pregnancy, you are advised not to climb a ladder or even a stool. This is because climbing heights increases your chances of losing balance and falling. No matter the height and the urgency, do not climb.

It is good to ask for assistance than climbing heights and putting yourself at risk. Even if the bulb has gone out and you can do it, do not climb that stool. It is better to take caution than to regret.

8. Avoid Air Freshener 

Air fresheners do not freshen the air in real-time. Instead, they release artificial substances and aromas to the atmosphere, which makes the air to smell fresher and better. In the real sense, it is chemicals you are adding to the air you breathe.

Most of the chemicals in air fresheners are not safe to your fetus when you inhale them. It is, therefore, not advisable to use air fresheners when you are pregnant. The best way to freshen your home during pregnancy is to allow fresh, natural air to come into the house. So open the windows daily for fresh air to come in.

9. Avoid cleaning mould infested areas

Do not wash any surfaces that have grown moulds. This is because the moulds can emit harmful chemicals which may have adverse effects on your developing fetus. If you have any moulds grown in your house, it is better to seek help from some to help you clean them. Alternatively, you can use the services of professional cleaners.

10. Avoid wearing shoes

If you are the type of women who like wearing any kind of footwear in the house, you should avoid it during pregnancy. When you wear shoes, you are likely to help spread dust, bacteria, dust among other unhealthy substances in your house.

When there are many impurities in your house, it increases the chances of you contracting a disease. If you go out with your shoes, ensure that you leave them outside when you come back. Besides that, ensure that you wash your feet to remove any dust or bacteria that might have attached to your feet.

11. Avoid running around

It is crucial to mind your steps while attending to household chores. When you are pregnant, your body might not be in the same fitness level as before you became pregnant. Running around the house increases chances of you sliding and falling. Therefore, ensure that you mind your steps to avoid making an accident in the house.

12. Do not stand or sit for too long

Staying in the same position for too long during pregnancy is not good. It can lead to problems such as swollen veins and ankles. It is advisable to take short break intervals to change posture or to move around. 

Moving around can help improve blood circulation. Also, if you have stood for some time, ensure that you lift your feet higher when you sit down.

Is it safe to clean during pregnancy?

Is it safe to clean during pregnancy_smartmommies

Because you are pregnant, it does not mean you stay in a dirty house. However, during the first trimester, you should abstain from strenuous cleaning. Generally speaking, you can do the cleaning, but you should exercise some precautions such as using safe chemicals and moderation.

If you want to clean while pregnant, consider the following safety precautions:

  • Do not use aerosols for cleaning
  • Always wear hand gloves and mask to avoid inhaling fumes and touching the detergents with your bare hands
  • Read the labels of all detergents to handle to know if they have any precautions for pregnant women
  • If you have a pest infestation, seek help from a family member or friend. Better still, hire a professional pest controller to help you.
  • Any room that you are cleaning should have enough air
  • If you want to use cleaning detergents, go for detergents that contain natural ingredients such as lime and baking soda

Is it safe to bend during pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, you need to be careful with many things for your health and that of your fetus. However, bending does not have any adverse effects on your developing baby. The fetus is naturally shielded from any shock by amniotic fluid. The fluid helps the baby to adjust itself no matter the posture you take. Bending of any form will not affect the unborn baby in any way.

However, as much as your unborn baby will not be affected by bending, but as your tummy grows, you might find it difficult to turn.

You are not advised to bend during pregnancy because of the following reasons:

  • It increases your chances of tripping and falling
  • It can make you dizzy
  • You can develop a heartburn
  • You can strain your back

However, sometimes bending cannot be avoided. If you turn and you are pregnant, then have the following things in your mind:

  • Do not stretch your back, instead bend your knees
  • When lifting an object, let it be placed on a raised surface and then slide it to align it with your abdomen and then carry it next to your body
  • When you are rising up, ensure you do it slowly and support your body by holding your knees and thighs. This will help to balance your already shifted center of gravity.

Is it safe to shift houses when pregnant? 

It is very reasonable to want to move to a better house before the baby arrives. However, when shifting homes, it can be stressing, which might pose some health problems to the mother and the fetus. Therefore, if you must move to a different house, it is prudent to be extremely careful.

When you want to move to a new house, for you to avoid the stress involved with moving, the following things are crucial to put at the back of your mind.

  • Start packing in advance – This will help you to sort all your belongings in an orderly manner. However, when packing your bags, ensure that you do not bend so much to avoid the risks related to bending.
  • Pack essential things in a separate bag – You should put all your personal care items where you can quickly locate them when you need them. Most importantly, ensure that your hospital bag is placed where you can identify it quickly.
  • Label the bags – Labeling the containers by what they contain will save you the effort of finding what you need. Besides that, labelling will help you during unpacking so that you do not have to open every bag to look for what you need.
  • Identify the moving day – when you know the day of moving, it will help you not to rush things. You will have ample time to put everything in order, and you will proceed without much pressure.
  • Ensure your new home has the necessary utilities – before you move, ensure that the new house has power connected and running tap water. This will make your moving in easy and smooth.
  • Do not rush organizing your new home – take time arranging your new home so that you avoid putting pressure on yourself. You can ask your family and friends to help you arrange your house before the baby arrives.

The most important thing when moving during pregnancy is to ensure the safety of your unborn baby and yourself is happy and relaxed.