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Must Know About Mobile Tower Radiation Effects on Pregnancy

Must Know About Mobile Tower Radiation Effects on Pregnancy

Expectant mothers have something new to worry about, keeping a mobile phone near your belly can affect your fetus’ health, a new study reveals. Pregnant women who heavily use mobile phones have high chances of giving birth to children with behavioral problems. A study which surveyed more than 13,000 babies found out that using a cell phone near a baby up to 3 times increases the baby’s chances of developing emotional, difficulty in relationships and hyperactivity by the time he reaches school-going age. In this article, we will give you crucial points which you should be aware of mobile tower radiation on pregnancy.

Due to the rise in the use of mobile phones, mobile towers have been put in strategic places in our communities to increase cell phone signal. Cell phones communicate with the towers through radiofrequency (RF) waves. RF waves are a form of electromagnetic energy that works between FM radio waves and microwaves. These waves occur in non-ionizing radiation hence they cannot directly affect the DNA in the cell. But definitely, it can affect. However, at very high levels, RF has the ability to heat up the body cells.

Mobile Tower Radiation Effects on Pregnancy-Mobile_Tower_Radiation

As more and more people make phone calls, the RF waves are sent to and fro the tower. The RF waves that are produced from the tower is emitted to the surrounding environment. From the environment, anyone within that locality is exposed to the waves.

Most pregnant women get exposed to radiation waves during pregnancy. However, the radiation waves that reach the fetus has lower as compared to the mother due to the protection of the fetus by the womb and other tissues. However, the fetus is very sensitive to ionizing radiation with a frequency of more than 0.1 grays (Gy).

Depending on the developmental stage of the fetus, exposure to more than 0.5 grays of radiation can have serious health consequences of the developing baby. The health problems that are related to radiation exposure include impaired brain development, growth restriction, cancer, and other malformations.

The effect of the radiation on the baby will largely depend on the dose of the radiation. However, most of the radiations that reach the mother’s blood can be detected by the fetus blood. Depending on the properties of the radiation and the age of the fetus development, will determine the effect on the fetus.

As already mentioned above, high levels of electromagnetic radio waves can heat up the body cells. When the DNA is heated up by these waves, it can cause changes in the conformation of the molecules inside the cell. The strength and frequency of the waves will determine their long term health effect on the developing child.

In a case study to find out the effect of exposure of developing fetus to RF waves, the Yale University researchers attached cell phones to the cages of pregnant mice. The waves are highest when close to the object. When the mice gave birth, the memory and behavior of the newborn mice were observed. It was found out that mice born to mothers exposed to RF waves had similar behavioral problems to those of children with ADHD. In another study on humans, pregnant mothers who use cell phones heavily during pregnancy, their children were found to have behavioral and emotional problems such as hyperactivity.

If you are pregnant and concerned about your fetus health then you can consider the anti-radiation Meterity shield. which will protect your baby from any sort of radiation.

The two studies have found a close connection between cell phone use during pregnancy and developmental problem. But in practice, the amount of your phone’s RF waves depend on the strength of your phone’s signal. The more powerful the signal, the less the energy your phone will need to work. Therefore, ensure that your phone has a strong signal to reduce the effect of the radiation waves on you and your developing fetus or just rely on anti-radiation maternity band.

Cell Phone Effects on Child Development

The bodies of children are different from those of adults either physically, biologically and chemical levels. A child’s brain absorbs more RF waves as compared to an adult. According to studies, children absorb 60% more radiation waves than adults. This is attributed to higher water content in children than adults.

The radiation waves penetrate ten times more in the bone marrow in children than in adults. The fetus is at a higher risk when exposed to these waves than other children. During the critical developmental stages of children, radiation waves are a great threat to their development. Following image from Svanah louder than any words and research papers.

The effects of exposing children to radiation waves are likely to affect their future life. Some of the serious problems that children can experience due to exposure to radiation waves include the following:

1.    Disturbed Brain Activity

Cell phones use electromagnetic waves to communicate with the towers to form internal communication. The brain also works on electric impulses to communicate with other organs.

In children, the RF waves from the cell phone can easily penetrate into the inner part of the brain because they don’t have strong protection. According to studies, a child being exposed to phone for only 2 minutes, the electrical impulses in his brain will be affected.

The change in electrical impulses in his brain can cause problems in learning new things, mood swings and other behavioral changes.

2.    Malfunction in DNA

The damaging effects occurred when cells were exposed to electromagnetic radiation of intensities between 0.3 and 2 watts per kilogram. This overlaps with the level of radiation typically emitted by phones of around 0.2 to 1 watt per kilogram. Definitely, if cells get affected the DNA also get affected and nobody knows clearly the darker side of this DNA. Everyone just says this is harmful. Are they hiding something from us?

3.    Tumors

Children are still in their growth and development stages and the effect of cell phone on them will be different on them. Most children have a tendency of holding cell phones close to the ear for long. This exposes them to more radiation waves.

Studies have found a link between prolonged use of cell phones and the development of non-malignant tumors. This is common near the ear and the brain. This is because the protective tissues such as bones, protective lining and tissues are not yet fully developed in children.

The areas are exposed to the radiations for a long time receives 60% of the radiation that comes from the phone. These radiations can have serious health impact by affecting the nervous system. These waves have been classified as a possible carcinogen and they have the potential of causing cancer.

Cell Phone on Pregnant Belly

A new study at Yale University has found that keeping a cell phone close to the belly can affect the stillborn child. The researchers exposed pregnant lab mice to cell phone radiation during pregnancy. The radiations were found to affect brain development which led to poor memory and hyperactivity, on the contrary music can have a good effect on the memory of a child and adults alike. The study indicated that the cell phone radiations affect the development of the brain neurons which are responsible for attention.

It is, therefore, that as an expectant mother you do keep your cell phone close to you or clipped to your belt. Also, do not sleep with your phone near your belly. However, if the phone is turned off, it has no effect because it does not receive nor send any signal. or You can put on Airplane mode by which your alarm does not get affected.

During development, the fetus’ brain is fragile and vulnerable to radiations. Therefore, keep the cell phone at a safe distance from your belly when it is on.

Safe Distance From Cell Phone Radiation

The effect of the radiation waves from the cell phone reduces with distance. The safest way to keep your cell phone away from your body when using it is to use the headphones or earphones(But ONLY WIRED not even Bluetooth headset). The strap of the headphone ensures that the radiations are not directly exposed to your ear. The longer the strap, the safer the distance from your ear.

And if it Air Tube earphone then it’s fantastic

If headphones/earphone is wired then probably electromagnetic radiation can travel from mobile to earphone speaker and can harm our body or fetus but if it is air tube then we approx 100% protected from any sort of radiation.

According to studies, the safe distance of EMF radiation from the phone is .5.  you should stay at least 8 to 10 inches from your phone when it is on or talking with it. You should also be 20 inches away from the WIFI source. At this distance, the exposure levels are significantly safe.

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Using Cell Phone Near Newborn Baby

Many concerned parents have inquired whether it is safe to use cell phones near babies. Several studies have been conducted to study the effect of using mobile phones near babies and whether there are increased chances of developing tumors.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which is an affiliate body of the WHO has published reports that cell phone radiations are possibly carcinogenic. Therefore, as a parent, you should limit the use of your cell phone near a newborn baby.

The simple explanation is that the child’s protective layers such as the bones, tissues and tissue lining are not yet fully developed. As such, the radiations from your cell phone are likely to have harmful health effects on your child.

So if you can not limit the cell phone use then at least you can try neutralizer anti-EMF shield.

Besides the possible health impact that a cell phone has on your child, using it around your child more especially during breastfeeding is likely to have the following impact:

•    Overfeeding or underfeeding – using a cell phone during breastfeeding can make you lose concentration on the task at hand. There are high chances of missing an important message from your child. Maybe your baby is not properly latched and in such case, your baby will be underfed. Or possibly you will feed your baby longer than usual hence overfeeding him.

•    Poor bonding – breastfeeding is not just about satisfying your child’s hunger. But it is also a time for you to bond. If you are distracted with your cell phone, you will miss the opportunity to bond with your baby.

•    Chocking – being distracted while breastfeeding increases the chances of your baby being chocked. It can happen in a flash of a second and you will miss it.


There is no conclusive evidence that either the tower radiation or the cell phone radiation will affect your pregnancy directly but many research paper says that there potential to threat.

As we all know, this telecom industry is worth billion dollars and anything which can harm this industry can be pushed to the dark. Our health and our family health is our responsibility, not the government.

However, there might be a potential health problem due to the exposure to cell phone radiation. Therefore, it makes sense to minimize the use of cell phone near babies to be on the safe side. Occasional use of the phone can be good, but continuous use might not be good for your fetus or baby.

If you must use your cell phone to chat, message, browse or call, ensure that you keep it at a safe distance from you. You can opt to use the hands-free mode or use the head/earphone to keep a safe distance. Also, when you are not using it, you can put it on the fight mode. This will go a long way to reduce your exposure to the radiation waves.

Instead of carrying your phone everywhere you go while at home, put it on a strategic point where you can hear the notification in case someone calls or texts you. At night, instead of putting it under the pillow let it sit on the bedside table. You will not miss a thing while you put your phone away from you because you will receive a notification for almost anything on your phone.

According to a study, the exposure of a fetus to radiation waves greater than 0.1 gray increases the chances of cancer development in the offspring. 0.1 gray of radiation wave is greater than the ionizing waves received from x-rays and other diagnostic radiology. The study further indicates that exposure to radiation during the first 2 weeks of conception increases the chances of the fetus dying. This is because at this stage the fetus or embryo is made of up of a few cells and if the progenitor cell is affected, it will affect the other cells and the embryo will die. If the embryo survives the radiation, there are high chances of the fetus developing serious congenital problems or other behavioral abnormalities depending on the dose of the radiation.

The main aim of putting your phone away from you as much as you can is to minimize the effect of the radiation on your child. In the long run, protection is better than cure.