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Top 5 Best Hoverboard Price in India

Top 5 Best Hoverboard Price in India

One of the trendiest means of commuting between short distances is a hoverboard. By definition, a hoverboard is an electronic device that is used as a means of transport on a flat surface. However, before you settle for any hoverboard, you must know where you are going to use it and a budget that you are willing to spend on it. Knowing where you are going to use it is critical because it will help you identify which features will be essential.

Hoverboards come with numerous features. For instance, some come with inbuilt Bluetooth speakers, which allow you to enjoy your music while riding. Besides that, others come with batteries that are certified, which ensures that the hoverboard is safe, and it will not experience any electrical malfunction. There are some those that have infused motherboards that have a self-balancing ability, which makes it easy to control and enjoy a smooth ride. Moreover, some are designed with LED lights that can flash and make you visible if you are riding during the night.

Apart from the few features that we have mentioned above, there are other factors that you should take into consideration to ensure that you get the best product. We will dedicate a section where we will discuss some of the salient features that you should consider before you settle for any hoverboard. Also, we will bring you the top 5 best hoverboards in India along with their selling prices on Amazon.

Top 5 Best Hoverboards in India 

1. Swagtron T6 Off-Road Hoverboard

Best Hoverboard in India swagtron T6

As the name suggests, this hoverboard is designed to be used for off-road riding. It comes with rough and tubeless tires that are strong enough to ride on any terrain type. When the battery is fully charged, it can ride for 20 km non-stop.

The board has a maximum speed limit of 20 km per hour, which is amazing. Besides that, it can withstand a maximum weight capacity of up to 190 kg. However, the higher the weight on the board, it significantly reduces the speed of the board.

Apart from that, the board comes with Bluetooth speakers, which allow you to enjoy your music as you ride. Also, it comes with a mobile app that you can use to control the board remotely. You can use the app to view the battery percentage of the board, the speed at which you are driving, and you can also control the Bluetooth and play music from your phone.

The tires are non-slippery, so they have a good grip, which ensures that you will not fall while riding. Besides that, this hoverboard is water and dust resistant technology so you can ride the board freely. 

The board also has modern technology, which makes it easy to control and use, and it is self-balancing.


  • It has rough, non-slippery, tubeless tires
  • It comes with Bluetooth speakers
  • The speed limit is amazing
  • Has self-balancing ability
  • Comes with a mobile app for remote control
  • The weight capacity is 190 kg.
  • Can be used on any terrain


  • It is very expensive

2. Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Best Hoverboard in India Razor Hovertrax

Razor is a well renown brand that produces scooters, and they have a reputation for producing high-quality products. Moreover, their products are available at pocket-friendly prices. This is true with this hoverboard.

The hoverboard has a speed limit of 13 km per hour. It comes with a battery which, when fully charged, can last for one hour of non-stop ride. The board comes in a slim design, which makes it portable.

This hoverboard can withstand a maximum weight capacity of 100 kg. Also, it is available in three primary color shades to choose from. It is powered by a 350-watt battery, which can enable the board to reach the maximum speed easily.

This board is designed to be used only on a flat surface, and it cannot be ridden on rough terrain. But on a flat surface, it has a smooth ride. It comes with a separate battery compartment where you can easily reach the battery and remove it for recharging. Also, this allows you to buy a spare battery that you can easily change and continue using the board while the other battery is charging.

This board is ideal for use with kids because it has small wheels, and it does not have bump support. Apart from that, the board comes with LED flashlights, which make it ideal for a ride even at night because you will be visible to other riders.

In addition to that, the board has a battery meter where the level of the battery is displayed. This helps you to know how much battery is remaining.


  • Comes with a battery meter to display the battery level
  • Has LED flashlights so you can ride it during the night
  • Ideal for use on a flat surface only
  • It has a separate battery compartment so that you can easily swap the batteries.
  • It has a slim and compact design making it portable
  • Suitable for children to use
  • It is available in three different color shades to choose from
  • It has a speed limit of 13 km per hour which is medium
  • It can support a weight capacity of 100 kg


  • None

3. CXM-Hoverboard UL 2272 Certified

Best Hoverboard in India CXM Hov- erboard

If you are looking for a budget-friendly hoverboard, then look no further than this board. Most importantly, this hoverboard meets all the international safety features. The battery has been UL 2272 certified, so it meets the electrical safety standards.

This hoverboard is ideal for both adults and kids. While riding, it can reach a maximum speed of 12 km/hr.

It is powered by double 250w motors which makes it very powerful. Besides that, it comes with brakes which are very efficient when you want to stop.

You can master riding this hoverboard quickly and very easily. It has one-touch operation which makes it user-friendly.

Some of the outstanding features include LED headlights which will make you visible even in the dark. Apart from that, it comes with a battery indicator so that you can know how much power is remaining.

Besides that, it comes with a smartphone app which you can connect and control the board remotely. Also, it has rubber bumpers and three different riding modes.

Moreover, it comes with a warranty for one year. Also, since it is an Indian product, you can get assistance by calling toll free customer support 24/7.

Most importantly, it has a sleek design which not only gives you a cool feeling but also attracts attention as you ride along.


  • Comes with a warranty of 1 year
  • It has LED lights which changes colors according to music rhythm
  • It can climb a slope of 18 to 30 degrees
  • It is ideal for both adults and children
  • The battery is UL 2272 certified
  • It comes with different protection systems
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Available in different colors to choose from
  • Comes with a battery indicator
  • Has a mobile app for remote controlling
  • Comes with efficient brakes.


  • None was found 

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4. UBoard Explorer

uboard best hoverboard with handle

The Explorer Mini has been designed for the more comfort-seeking rider. Equipped with adjustable, padded handlebars and large air-filled tires, the Explorer Mini takes away some of the stress of balancing so you can focus instead on the pure joy of scooting. The Explorer comes with a high-quality lithium-ion battery from Samsung with Suredrive+ technology and a quick charge of 2 hr. The scooter can ride up hills with an incline of up to 35 degrees. Its auto-balancing gyro helps keep balance as the Explorer senses how the user’s weight is distributed. This allows for easy forward and backward movement and up to 350 degrees turns. In-built LED-lamps in the front light up automatically as you begin to cruise on the Explorer. The Explorer’s handles are padded for extra comfort and the handlebar can be raised from 80-120 cm for comfortable, secure riding. Big tires with air-filled tubes allow the user to travel on a variety of surfaces.


  • Gyroscopes: Two 3D gyroscope and accelerometers
  • Max Speed: 15 kmph
  • Bluetooth Speakers: Yes (1 Speaker)
  • The Explorer Mini has been designed for the more comfort-seeking rider.
  • Equipped with adjustable, padded handlebars and large air-filled tires, the Explorer Mini takes away some of the stress of balancing so you can focus instead on the pure joy of scooting.


  • None

5. Swagtron T5 Hoverboard

It is ideal for riders of all levels. If you are a learner, it comes with a learning mode that restricts the speed at which you can ride. For a learner, the maximum speed at which you can ride is 7 Mph.

This hoverboard comes with some amazing features such as a battery indicator which shows the battery level. Besides that, for new riders, it comes with a learning mode for your safety.

It can also be used even by kids and it has a motor with handles which makes it ideal for children. This hoverboard can support a maximum weight capacity of up to 187 lbs.

Also, it is not heavy because it weights 18.9 lbs. It has a compact design which makes it sleek and cool to ride.

On either of its pedals, it comes with a modern emblem. The tires are anti-sliding so you can ride without the fear of falling.


  • It is available at a reasonable price
  • It has a sleek, classy and appealing design
  • Comes with LED lights for safety during the night
  • It is easy to learn how to ride
  • An ideal model for learners because it comes with a learner mode
  • The feet pads are re-designed in such a way that even smaller feet can fit on it
  • Has a unique low speed for your safety
  • Comes with an easy to ready user manual
  • It comes with a battery indicator


  • It lacks a warranty
  • The speed limit is low
  • The battery life is short


1. Certification 

Before you purchase any hoverboard, ensure that it is UL 2272 certified. The battery should be certified to ensure that it has met all the electrical safety standards. When the battery meets the safety standards, it will guarantee you that the board is 100% safe and that it will not burst into flames while on transit.

2. Self – balancing ability

Most of the hoverboards nowadays do not come with the handle where you can hold while riding. The handle has since been replaced with the self-balancing ability, which will ensure that you can easily control the board and that you can have a smooth ride.

3. Price 

The features influence the cost of the hoverboard that it has. While the prices vary from one hoverboard to another, depending on where you intend to use the board, you can find one that is within your budget. However, ensure that it meets all the salient features which will get the job done. Do not compromise on features just because of cost.

4. Battery Life 

Hoverboards are designed to be used within specific distance ranges. Know the distance that you intend to use the board for and then get one that will sustain you to cover that distance. Knowing the battery life of the hoverboard is critical because it will help you to prevent the battery from dying you in the middle of your ride. The longer the battery life, the better.

5. Weight Capacity 

Hoverboards are designed to sustain a given weight capacity. Before you settle for any board, ensure that it can support your weight comfortably. Therefore, first, measure your weight and then look for a board that can sustain your weight so that the board can serve you better.

6. Usability 

How easy can you use the hoverboard? You do not want to buy a board that you cannot be able to control. Therefore, ensure that the board that you buy you can use it easily wherever you want to.

7. Speed Limit 

Different hoverboards have different speed limits. Knowing the speed limit of the board that you want to buy is critical. The speed limit of hoverboards ranges from 9 km per hour to 20 km per hour. Choose a hoverboard with a speed limit that you can be comfortable to ride.


We hope that our blog helped you to gain all the insight that is needed to choose the best hoverboard in India. Among all we consider Swagtron T6 Off-Road Hoverboard to be best in range considering all the aspects. If you want to consider hoverboard with a handle then you can consider buying UBoard Explorer