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Top 5 Air Conditioner with Air Purifier In India

Top 5 Air Conditioner with Air Purifier In India

Due to the effects of global warming, globally, the average temperature has risen by 0.8 degrees Celsius. In India, during summer which starts in March and ends in July, the temperature ranges between 30 and 42 degrees. Are you looking for an air conditioner with air purifier in India, that doubles up as an air purifier to cool your home this summer? If you answered yes, then you are about to learn the best air conditioner with air purifier in India.

Globally, the first Tuesday of the month of May is observed as the world asthma day. The condition is caused by polluted air and other allergens which are found in the surrounding environment. Sometimes, even the indoor environment can be a trigger for asthma attacks. The exposure to dust particles, pet dander among other allergens can cause asthma attacks.

Currently, there is no cure for asthma but there is something that you can do to control its attacks. One such method is breathing clean air. The air purifier helps to purify the air in a home to ensure that it is safe for breathing.

Across the major cities of India, there is an alarming increase in the levels of air pollution. This has impacted the quality of air which the Indian citizens breathe which have serious health implications. It is, therefore, paramount that have an air purifier. Because of these, various AC companies in India have come up with a solution.

Instead of installing two devices in your home, you can purchase an air conditioner that doubles up as an air purifier which helps to filter any allergens that might be available in the air at home. A good AC with air purifier should have an air ionizer which helps to purify the air.

An air ionizer is an extra filter that is fitted in the AC to help trap dust particles, bad odor and other particles that might be present in the air. The air conditioners help to purify the indoor air by removing any pet dander, dust, smoke, pollen and any particulate matter that might be in the air.

These new ranges of ACs come with an inbuilt air purifier which helps to do away with the need for a separate air purifier. The self-purifying properties of these ACs functions by enabling their powerful air purifying system that is fitted with intense field dielectric (iFD) filters which are fitted with air quality detection. The ACs come with a high clean air delivery rate (CADR) which is as high as 300M3/h.

The iFD filters have the ability to remove 99.99% of pollutants that might be present in the air. The pollutants as small as .3 microns can be removed by these filters. Besides that, most of these ACs come with a 3 in 1 display which allows the user to see the humidity, temperature and PM details all at the same time.

Some of these ACs come with a self-cleaning inverter technology (SCIT) which enables the AC to clean itself. It achieves this by lowering the temperature causing the surface to frost with 30% water condensation. This feature helps the AC to remove any dirt that accumulates in it through a strong cold expansion force. This force is generated through the frosting process whereby the dirt is washed away by defrosting.

The filters also have the ability to trap bacteria that are bigger than .3 microns. According to reports, the filters can remove up to 99.99% of bacteria from the air. This ensures that the air you breathe is bacteria-free.

The top 5 ACs with air purifiers include the following:

1.    Whirlpool PuraFresh (stand-alone air purifier capability)

There are wide ranges of Whirlpool inverter ACs that also double as air purifiers. The major feature of these AC is the inbuilt air purifier. The AC has a filter with .3 microns which can trap a wide range of air pollutants at a go. The AC acts as an independent air purifier without using a lot of electric power. The purifier has a self-cleaning ability and it works via the electronic purification process.

The AC comes with a 6th sense intellcomfort technology which helps to detect the humidity present in a room. The sensor helps to maintain the humidity at optimum such that it does not feel dry when you are using it.

Special Features: Dust_Filter; Air_Purifier with stand-alone capability; Odours and smell remover


  • An in-built air purifier with PM 0.3 filtration and can work stand alone as an air purifier.
  • Backed by the compressor, whirlpool elite ac cools even in the extreme temperature of 55°C
  • It has self-cleaning ability hence has no maintenance cost
  • It is available in different variants such as 0.8 T, 1.0 T, 1.5 T, and 2.0 T.

2.    LG 1.5 AC (dust filter, air purifier, and dehumidifier)

The AC comes with a double filtration system which helps to remove 99.99% of all air pollutants in your home. The HD filters are made in such a way that they can trap bacteria. The AC also comes with a dehumidification filter which ensures that the humidity in your home does not become dry.

This LG split AC has an auto-cleaning feature which acts to prevent bacteria and mold from growing in the AC. The self-cleaning feature dries all the wet heat exchangers to prevent it from becoming a bacteria breeding ground.

Besides that, this AC comes with a mosquito repellant technology which helps to keep these harmful insects away from your family.

Special Features: Antibacterial_Coating; Dust_Filter; Air_Purifier; Dehumidifier


  • It comes with a dehumidification ability
  • It comes with a self-cleaning feature which omits the cost of cleaning
  • It has double filters to ensure that all the pollutants are trapped
  • Refrigerant gas: R32. Environment-friendly – no ozone depletion potential and low global warming potential
  • Copper Condenser Coil: Better cooling and requires low maintenance

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3. Carrier Inverter Split AC ( Dust_Filter, Air_Purifier, and Dehumidifier)

This is an amazing AC brand in India which is remarkable for its performance and quality. It is ideal for large rooms. It is very energy efficient. It comes with an AC split inverter compressor which has the ability to adjust itself on the amount of energy it needs to run.

It comes with an electrostatic dust filter, pm 2.5-micron filter

It is able to self –clean hence cutting the cleaning cost. It also has a tropical inverter technology which helps to purify the air. It comes with an inbuilt soft dry feature which helps to trap all the dust particles and bad odor from the room.

Special Features: Antibacterial_Coating; Dust_Filter; Air_Purifier; Dehumidifier


  • It comes with Dust_Filter, Air_Purifier, and Dehumidifier
  • It has a sleep mode feature
  • It has a stabilizer free operation ability
  • It has a 1 year on product, 1 year on condenser, 10 years on compressor warranty

4. Haier PuriCool Split Ac ( Air purifier, wifi-enabled, anti-bacterial capability)

This AC comes with an air ionizer which is able to produce up to 20000 ions/cc. This ionizer is able to produce enough negative ions are attached to allergens that might be present in the air. It is able to attach allergens such as bad odor, dust, and germs that might be present in the air.

It comes with Self Purity function and iFD filter, automatic PM 2.5 air quality detection and slide-able cruising module. CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of the ACs is 300m³/h.

According to the manufacturers, the AC is capable of removing up to 99.99% of airborne pollutants. The filters are .3 microns hence they can capture pollutants such as dust, smoke, bacteria, and pollen.

This new range of AC comes with an inbuilt air purifier which does away with buying a separate air purifier. The AC has powerful iFD filters, PM 2.5 quality air detection which ensures that the air is purified at high speed.

Special Features: Dust_Filter; Air_Purifier with stand-alone capability; Odours and smell remover


  • It comes with a PM 2.5 filter and 300m³/h CADR
  • Can remove 99.99% of air pollutants
  • Multi dimension airflow for more comfort.
  • It comes with a 10 years compressor warranty

5.    Voltas Inverter Split AC (Advance air purifier, active dehumidifier, and copper condenser technology)

This another amazing AC that doubles up as an air purifier. This AC comes with an ocean black protection which helps to filter air pollutants such as pollen, dust, and smoke.

It also has a sleeping mode feature. This feature helps to automatically adjust the temperature in the room such that it matches the body temperature.

Special Features: Antibacterial_Coating; Dust_Filter; Air_Purifier; Dehumidifier


  • It comes with an inbuilt mosquito fighting technology
  • It has a sleeping mode feature
  • It has a smart and faster airflow which ensures that cool air is distributed equally to all corners of the room.

Benefits of Using Air Purifier 

The following are the benefits of having an air purifier in your home and what it can do your general health:

(i)    Removes bad odor – in a home environment, there are different kinds of smell. The cooking smells, kitchen garbage, smoke among others. An air purifier will help to remove all these smells from your home which might be bothersome or even bad to your health.

(ii)    Filters bacteria and mold from the air – mold, and bacteria are the major contributors to asthma, hay fever, and sinusitis attacks. The presence of these pollutants in the air can cause serious respiratory system infections. The air purifier helps to remove all these allergens from the air to ensure that the air you breathe is clean and healthy.

(iii)    Removes allergen triggers – there are numerous microscopic allergens present in the air. These allergens are the major triggers of asthma attacks. An air purifier will help to trap all the microscopic allergens present in the air thereby improving the quality of the air in your hose.

(iv)    The air purifier helps to purify the air thereby protecting the children, elderly and sick people in the home from possible chronic respiratory conditions. In short, an air purifier keeps the indoor air much healthier and cleaner to breathe. Even if no one is suffering from any respiratory conditions, it is crucial to breathing clean air.

Does Air Purifier Help with Allergies 

There are numerous air purifiers in the market today. They come in all shapes and with different features. But, will it help your allergies? The straight answer is YES! If your allergies are caused by environmental allergens, then the air purifier can help your allergies.

Environmental allergies are caused by allergens that are found in the surrounding environment such as dust, pollens, pet dander, molds, and bacteria. An air purifier can help remove all these allergens making the air safe for breathing.

In the house, the allergens stick to surfaces such as furniture and as one moves around and comes in contact with these surfaces, the allergens are sent into the air and you breathe them. An air purifier can help to trap all these allergens when they are floating in the air. When the allergens are trapped, they cannot irritate or trigger the allergies.

Therefore, for an air purifier to help with the allergies it should be placed at the right place and it should be the right kind of purifier. For this reason, you need to select the right kind of purifier that can help trap the allergens that trigger your allergies.

Do Air Purifiers Really Work?

The use of air purifier has risen in the recent past. The primary reasons as to why its use has increased are:

  • Increased incidents of allergy attacks
  • Rising awareness about the rise in indoor pollution
  • More pieces of equipment that are fitted with HEPA filters
  • A general increase in air pollution due to increased  industrial emissions 
  • Stringent air quality regulations

According to studies, the indoor air might be 2 to 5 times as dirty as the outdoor air. For this reason, you might need an air purifier to remove some of the air pollutants. But the question is, do air purifiers really work? Most studies have indicated that air purifiers go a long way to clean the indoor air. Further studies have found out that the purifiers not only help asthma and allergy patients but also helps anyone who is exposed to the contaminated indoor air.

In one study of college students, 35 students were studied for a similar period of time. After two weeks, it was found out that the group of students who used air purifiers had a remarkable decline in the level of biomarkers for a lung infection, inflammation, blood pressure, coagulation among other conditions.

In another study for asthma attacks, studies have shown that asthma patients that use air purifiers have shown improvements in asthma management. Air purifiers are beneficial and they have been considered as lifesavers in many cases.

More recent research had pointed out that purifiers are not only helpful to people with respiratory conditions but also they are helpful to cardiovascular well being. In countries like India where there is an increase in air pollution, the use of an air purifier is necessary.

Besides using an air purifier to clean the indoor air, here are a few methods that you can use to ensure that the indoor air is clean:

  • Run an exhaust fan in the bathroom and kitchen
  • If you have a pet in your home, vacuum regularly 
  • Keep all solvents, chemicals, pesticides, and glues in a safe place away from the living room
  • Do you burn anything in the house
  • If you do not open windows because you avoid pollen grains coming into the house, ensure that the fan of the AC is running so as to filter the air
  • Do not use scented candles in the house because they leave a smell in the house
  • Regularly change the filters in your heating and cooling system

In conclusion, therefore, if you are stating in a highly polluted environment, you need an air purifier. In a developing and rapidly industrializing country like India, an air purifier is inevitable.