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Top 5 Bassinet Strollers For Twins

Top 5 Bassinet Strollers For Twins

When it comes to twin strollers, there is no one size fit all. It is not easy finding a twin stroller that is well-equipped, strong enough to hold to babies and safe without the stroller being excessively heavy and huge. A twin stroller is supposed to make your life easier. For you to find the right stroller, you need to take into consideration a number of factors so that you can get the most for your money.

Getting a double stroller is a big investment but it will also facilitate your movement with your babies.

There are three different types of double strollers to choose from. They are:

•    In-line stroller – this kind of stroller has one seat in front of another. The seats are placed in such a way that the back seat is raised higher than the front seat. The seats are not of similar size and they both have different amenities. One seat is more reclining than the other to offer more space for the other.

•    Modular stroller – this is a stroller that can be used either as a single stroller or can be converted into a double stroller. The second seat is removable. Some strollers of this model can support a third child more especially the older who can stand or sit on the platform. It is an economical stroller for s small family and it can grow with the family.

•    Side-by-side stroller – as the name suggests, the seats in this stroller are placed side by side and they have the same amenities. This kind of stroller is easy to handle but it is wide hence passing through a narrow way can be challenging.

The best bassinet stroller depends on your personal preferences. You need to take a number of factors into considerations before you settle on what kind of stroller to buy. You need to know how often you will be using it and whether you will want both seats to fit into a car seat.

Choosing a stroller for the first time can be challenging but it is an important decision that you need to make. This is because it is a baby item that you will use for a long time and often. Therefore, you need to choose a strong and durable stroller which is well equipped to serve you for many days. A double baby stroller is also expensive. For this reason, you need to make a wise decision.

Remember, you are not only choosing a stroller that will be comfortable for your kids but also it should be handy to you as a parent. There are more than 50 different stroller brands in the market. Therefore, choosing the best stroller among so many brands is an uphill task.

To simply this tussle for you, here are some important guides that can help you choose a stroller that will meet your needs.

•    Certification – it is crucial to look for the safety sign. Before you settle for any stroller, ensure that it has a sticker showing that it has met the Juvenile Products Manufacturer Association. A stroller with the JPMA stamp means that it meets the brakes, stability, absence of sharp edges, locking mechanism among other safety meters have been tested. Alternatively, you can check the JPMA website and know which brands are certified.

•    Brakes – the stroller should have a brake that locks both wheels at the same time. when the wheels are locked, ensure that the wheels do not move.

•    Wheels – it is advisable to choose a stroller with big and air filled wheels. These wheels are ideal for rough roads and long walks. Small wheels, on the other hand, are ideal for smooth paths such as city walks. Go for a stroller with swivel front wheels. These wheels are easy to maneuver in sharp corners as compared to other wheels.

•    Canopy – choose a stroller with a stroller that you can fold easily. It should also have ventilation for free air circulation during the hot day. The canopy should be big enough the ensure that the baby’s head does not touch the top and it should be able to protect your child from sun and wind.

•    Shock absorbers – a good stroller should have shock absorbers to prevent your kids from being exposed to shocks. This is crucial because a child’s spine is not strong enough to endure shock. The child’s neck and head control are not strong enough so exposure too much shock can affect your child.

•    Frame – look for a stroller with a strong and durable frame. However, the frame should not be heavy because it will make the stroller to be bulky.

•    Adjustable handlebar – the bar should be adjustable to suit the pusher’s height.

•    Removable cover – look for a cover that you can remove easily for cleaning. The material used to make it should be one that does not shrink easily and easy to clean. If you can find a stroller with a removable seat padding and that is machine washable it will be better.

•    Storage basket – a stroller that has a storage space under the seat is ideal than hanging a bag on the handle. Hanging the bag on the handle can cause the stroller to lose balance. Chose a stroller with an enough underneath storage space.

•    Reversible seat – a reversible seat gives you the freedom to change your child’s direction. Some kids prefer facing the parent while others want to face away from the parent.  The seat should give you the freedom to do as your kid wants.

Top 5 Bassinet Strollers

The following are the top stroller picks that will keep your kids comfortable and contained at the same time. all the strollers discussed below are available in Amazon India.

1.    Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller

This is a stroller that is ideal for children between 4 and 5 years. It is meant for both cities and off road walks. It has flexible handlebars hence you can easily push it even in bumpy terrain and with heavy luggage without much struggle.


•    It is a side-by-side kind of stroller

•    It can be folded for easy storage

•    It is narrow hence it can pass through the narrow streets without a problem

•    It has an adjustable handlebar

•    It comes with hand-operated brakes

•    It has air filled wheels

•    It has reclining seats

•    It has a big canopy

•    It comes with car seat adaptors


•    It is user-friendly

•    It is narrow hence can pass through double doors easily

•    It is versatile

•    It is easy to push

•    The canopy is big enough to protect your children from the sun and wind

•    It comes with a storage basket

•    The brakes are hand operated hence it’s easy to control it

•    It can be used with two car seats

•    The canopies are adjustable


•    The seats do not recline fully

•    It cannot be used for jogging

•    It is expensive

2.    Bumbleride Indie Twin

This is a top-notch all-terrain stroller. It can be used in any terrain even in the ice. It comes with deep reclining adjustable seats which offers your infant a comfortable seat in any terrain. It also comes with car seat adaptors this is possible because the seats are fully reclining. Apart from that, you can jog with it hence you do not have to buy a jogging stroller again. It is a side-by-side stroller hence it has a stable balance.


•    It comes with fully reclining seats

•    It has car seat adaptors 

•    It has air filled wheels

•    It can be folded for easy storage

•    It can be used as a jogging stroller

•    It comes with adjustable canopies 


•    It is made of eco-friendly material

•    It has adjustable canopies

•    It is compatible with car seat

•    You can jog with it

•    It can be folded


•    It is heavy – weighs 33 lbs

•    The wheels require air refilling from time to time

•    It is bulky even when folded take a lot of space

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3.    Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller

This is an economical double stroller. It comes with 23 lbs hence it is very light. It comes with a three-tier canopy which protects your children from the heat of the sun. it also comes with a storage basket where you can store your shopping. Besides that, it has a parent try where you can place your water or coffee cup.


•    It has a removable canopy for protection of your kids from the sun

•    It has a storage basket

•    It has a parent tray

•    It has a removable child tray

•    It can fold for easy storage

•    It is self-standing

•    It is light


•    It has slightly reclining seats

•    It has a self-standing fold

•    It has a parent tray

•    It has enough storage space

•    It has an opening on the canopy through which you can see the children 


•    Nothing significant to be mentioned

4.    Peg Perego Book for Two

This is a luxurious side-by-side double stroller. It is ideal for travel since it is compatible with some car seats. It is only 29 inches wide hence it can pass through most doors without a problem. It also has enough storage space to carry the kids belonging and other personal things as well.


•    It is very narrow as compared to most double strollers.

•    It comes with reclining seats

•    It is easy to push because the handles are adjustable

•    It has a storage compartment 

•    It has a mesh for free air circulation

•    It has adjustable canopies

•    The wheels can turn 360 degrees hence increasing agility

•    The wheels are made of polyurethane hence they do not require air filling


•    Easy to push

•    It can fold inwards

•    It is self-standing

•    It is narrow

•    It can ride on a wide range of terrain

•    The canopies are adjustable 


•    The narrow seats are not ideal for big babies

•    The storage space is divided hence a big bag cannot fit in

5.    UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

This is a tandem kind of stroller which can fit both the infant into the car seat. It is designed in such a way that you can remove one of the baby seats. Also, the seats are adjustable such that the twins can face each other. Or you can put one child on the bassinet as the other older child rides on the platform behind them.

It can also carry three children whereby the third child can sit on the board that is attached to the frame.


•    The handlebar is adjustable

•    It has a sturdy frame

•    It has a spacious storage basket

•    It can carry up to three children

•    The seats are adjustable


•    The twins can face each other

•    Easy access to all babies

•    Large storage space

•    Fairly lightweight

•    Strong enough to accommodate the third child


•    Turning and steering is not easy

•    Does not have a parent tray

Stroller Accessories 

Stroller accessories make the baby ride more fun. Having the right add-ons on the stroller can make your going out and about less stressful. You want a stroller that can hold your phone and other groceries besides holding your twins.

The following are some of the must-have stroller accessories when you are going out:

(i)    Smart phone holder – it can be hard riding the stroller with one hand and scrolling through your phone with another. The smart phone that can attach to the handlebar and you can adjust it to an angle that you are comfortable. This device is crucial if you are a jogger or likes long walks in the park.

(ii)    Drink pod – most strollers don’t have an adult tray where you can put your bottle of water or coffee cup. You can attach the drink pod to the handlebar and it helps to keep your coffee cup leveled without spilling any content.

(iii)    Mommy hook – you cannot push the stroller and at the same time carry shopping bags. You can use a hook to hang your shopping bag if your stroller does not come with a luggage basket. You can attach the hook to the handlebar and the mommy hook comes with a foam grip to ensure that the hook does not slide.

(iv)    Light umbrella – sometimes you might leave the house and it starts raining while you are out. To protect yourself and your baby from the rain or snowfall, you can use the umbrella. The umbrella can be attached to the frame from where it can swivel to suit the direction the rain of snow is coming from.

(v)    Bug net – it is crucial to protect your kid from the biting bugs such as mosquitoes. Instead of carrying a mosquito repellent which can sometimes harm your child’s sensitive skin, you can buy a bug net. You can attach it to your baby’s stroller and your child will be protected against mosquito bites.

(vi)    Toy attachment – you want to keep your child entertained as you go out but you don’t want to lose the toys. Attaching a toy strap to the stroller will help you to hang the toys while keeping the toys in front of your child to play with them.

(vii)    Parent organizer – when you are going for a walk you would like all your essentials to be at an easy reach – your phone, keys, water bottle. An organizer comes with a storage compartment for all your essentials. The organizer is attachable to the handlebar and you can have all you need in front of you. An organizer is better than carrying the things you need during a walk in a separate purse or in the under seat storage space.

(viii)    Stroller board – sometimes the storage basket cannot carry enough essentials for two babies. A stroller board is ideal for a toddler who enjoys walking. The stroller board is like a skateboard which you can attach at the back of the stroller near the wheels. It gives your toddler a platform on which to ride as you go for a walk. However, attaching the stroller board might make your pushing the stroller a bit hard.