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Top 10 Cheap and Best Inflatable Swimming Pools

Top 10 Cheap and Best Inflatable Swimming Pools

Would you like to have a swimming pool in your compound? But just imagine the expenses, time and effort you need to put into building one in your compound. There is a cheaper option of having a swimming pool in your home. An inflatable swimming pool is a great option. It does not require a big space, it is budget friendly and it can bring all the excitement and fun the actual pool can bring.

Inflatable pools have brought to reality the dream of having a swimming pool to many homes. There are different varieties of inflatable pool in the market today. There are those that are designed only for children and there are those that are designed for the whole family. This is a convenient option which is low-cost as compared to a permanent wading pool. An inflatable pool is durable and is safe. 

It is made of soft plastic on the sides and an inflatable ring at the top for enhanced safety. When you fill water in the pool, it causes the ring to rise thereby pulling the sides. Most inflatable pools have a depth of three-and-half feet. The depth might be uniform or different depending on the pool type.

You can fill the inflatable pool and leave it up for some time and take it during bad weather. Just like a permanent pool, it requires high hygienic conditions and regular maintenance. You can use pool chemicals to wash it just like a permanent pool.

During the hot summer season, the family needs a cool splash of the pool.

Taking your family to the nearest restaurant or community pool might not be convenient. First, it might be congested and it can be tiresome. You can bring the entire fun closer home by purchasing an inflatable pool.

However, when you purchase an inflatable pool, safety is paramount. More especially if you have kids, take the following factors into consideration:

  • The depth of the pool should not exceed 3 feet and the width should not be longer than 15 feet.
  • Ensure you buy a pool with an arrow at the bottom. These kinds of pools are considered safe for children to use. They are usually made of soft plastic. Type 2 and 4 plastics are used for manufacturing inflatable pools
  • Choose a pool that does not have an infiltration system, this kind of pools are safe for use with children.
  • Do not leave your children alone in the pool.

Top 10 best inflatable pools

Here-under are the top 10 best inflatable pools which we have selected to suit different swimming needs. They come in different sizes and themes but the end goal is the entire family to spend some quality time together.

1. Intex Swim Center Inflatable Pool

This inflatable pool is ideal for the whole family. It can be used for children from 6 years and above. It has the dimensions of 22 x 20 x 72”. It can carry 64 gallons of water and it has a big sidewall which is soft and comfortable.

It comes with 2 air chambers, a drain plug and 4 different options to choose from. The options are a 5 pack, 4 pack and 3 pack.


  • It is made for the whole family use
  • It is long enough for an adult to get in
  • It has a big water capacity
  • The sidewalls are made of strong 14 gauge vinyl


  • None was found

2. Intex 8ft X 30in Easy Set Pool Set with Filter Pump

This is an amazing inflation pool for the whole family. It can be used for children older than 6 years. The sides of this pool are made of triple layers of plastic which guarantees safety.

It is made with a great hydro aeration technology which helps to filter any sediment that forms at the bottom of the pool. The technology also helps to increase negative ions such as the air around the pool can remain fresh. Besides that, the aeration technology helps to induce the manganese and iron oxidation in the pool which helps to maintain the cleanliness of the pool.

It also comes with a drain plug which you can connect with the garden hose such that you can use the drain water to water the grass, plants or trees in your compound.


  • The side walls are made of tough laminated PVC plastic
  • It has a depth of 23 feet
  • It comes with a 110-120 volts filter pump
  • It comes with a hydro aeration technology for filtration and cleaning
  • It has a big water capacity
  • The filter is easy to clean
  • The drain valve can be connected to the garden hose


  • None was found

3. Summer Waves 8’ ft Quick Set Inflatable Pool

This inflation pool id ideal for both children and adults. It comes with 8 feet depth and a water capacity of 608 gallons.

It is made of strong plastic to give it a long life. It comes with a filter cartridge with an inbuilt chlorinator to ensure that your water remains clean all the time. it has enough space for many people to be in the pool at the same time.


  • It comes with an inbuilt chlorinator
  • It has a filter cartridge
  • It has a big water capacity
  • It comes with a pool filter pump which is 110-120 volts


  • None was found

4. Bestway H2OGO Inflatable Swimming Pool

This is one of the best inflation pools available in the market today. It is designed for children fun but it can be used even for adults. It comes with a double pool and a slide combo which makes it more fun for children.

It comes with a hassle-free installation hence it is ready to use the pool once you purchase it. It comes with two water holding cups which can be used at the same time. it also has a drain valve to drain the water when you wish to. It is made of PVC material hence it is durable. It can be used by up to 4 people at once.


  • It comes with an extra patch kit 
  • It is a dual pool
  • It has a slide combo
  • It is made of PVC material making it durable
  • It has a strong and inflatable launch pad


•    It was difficult to use instructions

5. Intex Swim Center Clear-view Aquarium Inflation Pool

It is made with an eye-catching design with prints of various marine animals to give you and your family that ocean swim experience. It comes with a drain valve and an extra repair patch.

It has the following dimensions 19.5 x 62.5 x 62.5. The dimensions are big enough for the whole family use.

The sidewalls are made of strong PVC material hence it is durable. The marine animal prints give a good swimming experience.


  • It has a colorful design 
  • The sidewalls are wide and strong
  • It comes with a drain plug


•    None was found

6. Intex Rainbow Play Center

This is an inflation pool for children older than 2 years. It comes with 2 separate wading pools and a water slide between the two cups. It comes with contrasting colors which are meant to excite the children.

It also has a ring toss game. It comes with 6 plastic play balls and 4 inflatable rings. The drain plug is attachable to the garden hose to drain the water to water the grass and other plants.


  • It comes with a ball roller ring
  • It has a water slide
  • It comes with a ring toss game
  • It has 2 separate pools
  • It has a water sprayer that can be connected to the drain valve


  • None

7. Swim Ways 60” Spring Pool

This pool is ideal for children. It comes with a flood force triton water blaster which is able to shoot water up to 15 feet in the air. It has a large capacity and it can accommodate up to 5 kids at ago. 

When not inflated, the pool can be folded for easy storage during the winter season. The top ring does not require a pump for a filling but can be filled with the mouth in less than 2 minutes.


  • It has a flood force water blaster 
  • The top ring is mouth inflated
  • It can easily be folded for storing


  • The side walls are not strong enough. If a child sits on them, they can collapse.

8. Step2 Play And Shade Pool

This inflation pool is designed for children only. It comes with 2 molded –in seats which are spacious enough for 2 kids to play. Besides that, it is designed to hold an umbrella to give shade to the children from the summer sun while they are playing.

It comes with 7 different sets of pool play accessories for your children to enjoy. Some of the accessories include 3 funnel cups and spinning water wheel among others. The pool is made of strong plastic, therefore, it can last for a long time.


  • It is budget friendly
  • It comes with different play accessories 
  • It can hold an umbrella to shield the kids from strong sun rays
  • It comes with a spinning water wheel and funnels cups


  • None was found

9. Summer Waves 3D inflatable swimming pool

This is a swimming pool designed for the whole family to enjoy. It is budget friendly as compared to other family swimming pools.

As the name suggests, it comes with 3D marine prints which will give you and your family a great swimming experience. Besides that, it comes with 3D glasses which are designed to protect your eyes from direct sunlight.

The pool has a water capacity of 210 gallons which is appropriate for kids to swim in.


  • The water depth is ideal for kids
  • It has 3D marine prints
  • It comes with 3D sun protection glasses
  • Made with the latest technology


  • None was found

10. Family Swim Center Inflatable Pool

This is a swimming pool for the whole family. It has the following dimensions 72 x20.1 x 22.1. it can hold a water capacity of 289 gallons of water. It is made of strong plastic material which can hold a lot of weight at the same time.

It has a good depth allowing kids to jump in as they wish. It comes with a white floor and blue sides giving it a great swimming experience.


  • It has a perfect size for the whole family
  • The depth is ideal for kids to jump in
  • The water capacity is good
  • The bottom is thick enough to withstand the family weight


  • None was found

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Advantages of Inflatable Pools

1. Cost – as compared to in-ground pools, an inflation pool is cheap. If you can purchase one during the off-pick season, you can buy it at a very cheap price

2. It is easy to setup – it does not require a lot of equipment to set it up

3. It is readily available – You do not have to go to specific stores to get one, you can even buy it online and it will be delivered to your house

4. It does not require any specialized skills to set an inflation pool up. It only requires the inflation of the top ring and filling with water and it is ready to use.

5. It is made of sturdy material hence it does not develop holes easily.

6. It is easy to care for it because it is not difficult to clean

7. It has anti-ultraviolet rays resistance action

8. It is easy to store

Disadvantages of Inflating Pools

1. If the inflation pool gets torn, it cannot be repaired

2. It cannot last forever. It will wear out after several seasons of use

3. It requires a level ground on the backyard to use it. It the ground is not level, uneven distribution of weight can cause it to tear

4. The water filter is below the water surface which increases chances of hair being caught in the filter and cause death by drowning.

5. Requires constant infilling of air

6. If the water capacity is big, it poses a problem where to dispose it

Types of Pools

Just like any home appliance, there are different kinds of pools. They also come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Depending on your preference, family size, and space available, there is a pool convenient for you and your family.

The following are the different types of inflations pools available:

  • Round 
  • Oval 
  • Squire
  • Non-standard form

The most convenient type of inflation swimming pool if the round shaped. This is because it has a uniform water pressure on the base and the walls.


We have listed the cheapest and best inflatable swimming pools in the Indian market today. This review is meant to give you ideas on which inflatable pool meets your and your family swimming pool needs. With these inflation pools, you can never go wrong, go ahead and get one either for your kids or the entire family.

Be warned, however, an inflation pool is not a playing tool. Therefore, do not ignore the safety warning of using these pools. Ensure that you do not leave your kids to swim alone in the pool. Also, if you have an inquisitive pet, do not leave it to linger around the pool. For safety purposes, you can elect a fence around the pool to prevent any possible accidents from happening.

On top of that, ensure that you maintain the highest standards of hygiene that a swimming pool requires. This will help to prevent water-borne-related infections. Use the right pool chemicals to clean the pool. Also, ensure that the drain plug has a cover to avoid hair being caught in the plug to cause drowning.