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7 Interesting and Best Things to Do During Pregnancy to Get a Brilliant Child

7 Interesting and Best Things to Do During Pregnancy to Get a Brilliant Child

The food that you eat while pregnant has a direct impact on your child’s physical development. But recent research has found out that the food an expectant mother eats also has a direct impact on the baby’s brain development and hence intelligence. Not only the food you eat but also everything you feel and does has a direct influence on the child’s brain development. As an expectant mother, it is vital that you eat healthy foods which contain all the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins, and in this post, I am providing 7 best things to do during pregnancy to get a brilliant child.

The genetic composition of the mother indeed has a determining factor on the intelligence and personality of a child, but also a right lifestyle will ensure that those genes are rightly programmed while in the womb for brilliance.

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According to recent studies, half of a child’s brilliance is determined by the genes and half is influenced by the child’s surrounding. For this reason, you have a role to play to ensure that your baby has the best brains. Taking good care of yourself while pregnant will go a long way to prepare your child to become an active learner.

The simple choices you make on a daily basis such as working out or eating a raw salad can help in the development of your child’s brain. According to studies, what you do while pregnant influences your child’s brain development.

You cannot wait till your baby is born and then you give him a head start. Scientists have identified many simple daily routines that you can do while pregnant which can help your baby’s brain to develop. Formerly, we have heard that playing some classical music especially baroque classical music for your baby can help boost your baby’s brain development. But as it has turned out, classical music will not help improve your baby’s IQ.

According to Stanford Health News, 2017, “In 1993, a scientific journal introduced the “Mozart effect,” which suggested a relationship between listening to classical arrangements and higher intelligence. However, further studies revealed that “if classical music does make a difference in a baby’s IQ, it’s probably a very slight difference.”

Here are scientifically proved best and interesting things to do during pregnancy to get a brilliant child.

1.    Working Out

While pregnant, you do not have to run in order to reap the benefits of exercising. During the workout, the brain releases a hormone known as endorphin which is called a feel-good hormone. The endorphin can find its way to your baby because you share many things in common with your baby while in the womb.

When endorphins reach your baby’s brain, it promotes the growth and development of the brain. According to experts, if as a pregnant mother you can afford 30 minutes of work out per day for 2 to 3 days a week, it will go a long way to help your baby develop a good brain.

Other studies have indicated that taking part in aerobic kind of work out during pregnancy targets the baby’s brain. They help to improve the child’s spatial learning and improved brain functioning.

In one study, it was found out that school-going children of mothers who exercised while pregnant had better scores in language skills as compared to children from mothers who had a sedentary life when pregnant.

2.    Eating Eggs 

The yolk of the egg contains choline (vitamin B family) which studies have found out that if taken during the pregnancy period can help improve the baby’s memory and learning abilities. Studies have found out that choline has the ability to change the structure of the brain cells such that they become more supportive of cognitive development.

The research was conducted by feeding choline to pregnant rats and their offspring were found to have a better memory and learning ability. The rat offspring were found to have 20 to 25% bigger neurons in the part of the brain that is controls learning. This means that the brain cells had more capacity to process and store things learned.

3.    Eating Fish

There is nothing fishy about eating fish. Studies have found out that the Omega 3 fatty acids which are found in the fish have a link with better brain development. The common fish types that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids are sardines and salmon.

In one study, mothers who ate 3 to 4 servings of fish in a week their children had an IQ 2.8 times better than children from mothers who did not eat fish. Pregnant mothers are given this essential component in the form of a DHA supplement.

Omega 3 helps in the production of more neurons. The neurons help to connect other parts of the body to the brain through which messages are sent in the form of electric impulses. It is recommended that an expectant mother should take at least 300mg of Omega 3 per day.

Besides fish, Omega 3 is also available in foodstuffs such as tofu, green leafy vegetables, spinach, red meat, beans, flaxseed, cod liver oil, and eggs.

4.    Avoid Alcohol and Nicotine 

According to research, during pregnancy, you should avoid alcohol and nicotine completely. Studies have indicated that alcohol is the leading neurodevelopment and intelligence destroyer in children during pregnancy.

In other studies also, it was found that smoking or exposure to second-hand smoke during pregnancy have a negative effect on learning, decreased fetal breathing and many birth defects. Therefore, if you want your child to have a brilliant mind, stay away from cigarettes and alcohol during pregnancy.

In Nutshell, Whatever you are having is directly impacting on your baby so just treat your body like a HOLY TEMPLE at least during pregnancy.

5.    Reading and Talking to the Baby

It might sound ridiculous that you talk to your unborn baby but the end result will be worth the effort. In one study, during the final trimester, expectant mothers were given their recorded audio sounds to play to their babies. It was found out that babies were able to recognize the words and their variations when they were delivered.

How can a child recognize the words? You might wonder. With the help of neural signs, the babies showed that they recognized the words. Children who had regular recordings of the words and sounds showed stronger signs of recognition of the words which is an indication that the babies were able to learn while they were in the womb.

Besides recognizing the sounds, it has been found that the baby is able to recognize the voice of his parents within the first 2 months after birth. The mother’s voice becomes so familiar that your child can be able to recognize it while in the womb. Therefore, reading to your child while in the womb can greatly increase bonding once the baby is born.

Studies have indicated that the learning of a given language starts while the baby is the womb. Therefore, parents who read or talk to their unborn baby help to promote word recognition after the baby is delivered.

So, Simple and most effective way of talking to your baby is via affirmation, you can use many affirmations like,

  • My baby is very active
  • My baby is very intelligent
  • My baby always smile
  • Everybody loves my baby and my baby loves everybody
  • My Baby is so polite and calm.
  • I love my baby and my baby loves me
  • My baby is so healthy and active

Involve your baby in conversation like

  • Baby, Let’s go-to morning walk. We will enjoy in the garden.
  • Does my baby want to have ice cream? Let’s have it.
  • Does my baby want to dance? oh, my baby… Let’s dance.

6.    Get Enough Sleep

80% of expectant mothers suffer from sleeplessness. This is because you cannot be able to sleep in the same position for a long time because of the bump. The sleep is disturbed also by the fact that you need to wake at night to pee and sometimes your backaches.

Despite all these challenges, adequate sleep is essential for an expectant mother. Getting sufficient sleep will boost your immune system and improve your moods. Also, it increases your chances of delivering a healthy baby.

When you get sufficient rest, your unborn baby’s brain will have enough time to grow and develop properly. This will also reduce the chances of post-birth developmental issues.

According to studies, there is a direct relationship between depression and poor sleep and increased cases of birth complications. In the same study, there was found a relationship between good sleep and the well being of both the mother and child.

7.    Massage Your Bump 

According to research, massaging your bump during pregnancy is a good stimulus to the developing baby and more than that your baby feels your touch and love it. As early as 20 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is able to feel the gentle stroking of the belly. The studies suggest that the massaging can help send a calming message to the child’s nervous system.

Further still, the studies indicate that the baby is able to distinguish between a mother’s touch from the father’s. During the massage, ensure that you use some essential oils for smooth massaging. Studies suggest that the child is able to smell while in the womb. The soothing smell of the essential oils can help stimulate your child’s brain hence making it active. You can make use of Forest essential massage oil

You can massage your belly in many interesting ways-

  • Stroke from the top to bottom and bottom to top
  • From left to right and vice versa
  • Make clock vise and anti-clockwise circle and say your baby as well that this ic clockwise circle and this is anticlockwise.
  • Teach your baby different figure like square, heart, star, etc.
  • And this is a very interesting test your baby intelligence by asking which shape it is? and wait for the response and have patience. you and your baby will love it.
  • Write, I love your baby with your fingers.

How to Get Fair Baby Using Ayurveda 

Scientifically speaking, the color of the child’s complexion is determined by the parent’s pigment. Therefore, the genetic composition of the parents determines the skin tone of the child. However, as a pregnant mother, there is something you can do in order to improve the fairness of your child.

There are some foods that you can eat which will give you a stunningly fair baby. These foods are:

1.    Coconut 

According to ayurvedic, eating a lot of coconut kernels can help improve your child’s skin tone. You can also drink coconut water daily more especially in the final month of pregnancy can help improve your child’s complexion. Drinking coconut water will also help keep you hydrated.

2.    Oranges 

Another ayurvedic food that you should eat is oranges. Oranges are rich in vitamin C, potassium, calcium and folic acid. These nutrients are essential in boosting the immune system and improving the tone of the skin.

In order to get a fair complexion for your baby, ensure that you eat 2 to 3 oranges per day. This will ensure that you get the 85mg of vitamin C that you need per day and it will help tone up your child’s skin.

3.    Almonds 

Ayurvedic studies have established that almond milk plays a role in improving skin complexion. As an expectant mother, therefore, if you want a fair child, ensure that you consume almonds daily. But not that much because almond basic nature is hot so, have 2-3 almonds a day only.

To eat the almonds well, soak 2-3 almonds in water overnight. In the morning, peel the almond skin and then eat it. Alternatively, the almonds you soaked you can peel the skin and then grind it into a paste and then mix the ground paste with milk and then drink it.

4.    Saffron Milk 

There are two kinds of saffron milk, ensure that you get the original saffron milk. The fake saffron milk is used as an additive used in cooking.

This video is describing how you can find real saffron-

Mix 4 to 5 stigmas of saffron with one glass of warm milk. Drink this mixture before bed daily to increase the chances of increasing the fairness of your child.

You can get saffron from as well.

5.    Milk and eggs

Milk and eggs are the richest sources of proteins, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients play a significant role in the development of the fetus including the skin complexion. Ensure that you drink a glass of milk on a daily basis before bedtime. Besides that, eat two boiled eggs every day. If possible avoid eating the egg yolk.

6.    Ghee 

According to ayurvedic, ghee is believed to help improve the complexion of the skin. For optimum skin fairness of the unborn baby, consume one tablespoon of ghee daily.

During Which Month Baby Brain Development Occurs During Pregnancy?

The brain and the spinal cord are among the first organs to be formed in the fetus. As a matter of fact, before you even realize you are pregnant, it has started to develop. 16 days after conception, the neural plate, which forms part of the brain and spinal cord, is formed. It continues to grow and elongate and folding into itself. The folding form a groove which later forms the neural tube.

After 7 weeks of pregnancy, the neural tube closes and curves and then bulge into three sections. These sections are known as the frontal brain, middle brain, and the hindbrain. As the fetus continues to grow and develop, these three sections grow and divide into the five different parts of the brain – brain stem, cerebrum, hypothalamus, cerebellum, and pituitary gland.

The most active time when the baby’s brain develops is during the second trimester. You must use all the affirmations and many other mind related things in this trimester.

During this time, the neurons that are responsible for different functions begin to migrate to different parts of the brain. These neurons take specific locations where they will be connected with other neurons.

During the second trimester, the cerebral cortex which is the brain’s most active part which is responsible for functions such as thought pattern and language is developed. By the end of the 7th month, much of the brain is developed.

By the start of the 8th month, the visual, audio and speech cortex is fully functional. That is why by the 8th month your baby is able to recognize sounds and distinguish languages.


It is our sincere hope that the tips presented in this write-up will help you understand how to boost your fetus IQ while in the womb. A general thumb rule and the most important in aiding the developing brain of your child is to live a healthy lifestyle. Avoid all that is bad and use in moderation that which is good.

If you are stressed or your health is not at its best, seek professional help. This information is not meant only for expectant mothers alone, ensure that your pregnancy partner is aware of them too. When your partner understands what you are doing, he will be able to help you and stand with you to achieve your end result – a healthy and intelligent child.

While you are helping your child to develop a good brain, ensure that you avoid toxins both on the inside and the outside. As much the placenta has the ability to filter what and what cannot pass, there is only so much that the placenta can do. It is easy to avoid toxins that can harm your child’s developing mind. You can achieve this through:

•    Ensure that the home environment is clean

•    If you want to paint your home, make sure you use paint that does not have lead as an ingredient 

•    Affirmations, EFT and meditation 

•    Avoid exposing yourself to traffic exhaust smoke

Also, remember that stress of any kind affects your developing baby. For this reason, avoid stress and just do your best. For things that are beyond your reach, leave them there and do what you can.