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Top 5 Baby Bouncers and Rockers In India

Top 5 Baby Bouncers and Rockers In India

Rockers, bouncers, and swings, what is the difference? Well, you cannot carry your baby all the time. bouncers and rockers are meant to contain a baby, allows the baby to nap, rest and play while you as a parent get around and attend to other duties. 

A bouncer is an inclined, portable and lightweight baby seat that is designed to bounce or play some sounds when the baby kicks his legs or move. A rocker, on the other hand, is designed to provide a baby with a calming and soothing spot where you can allow your baby to relax and nap while you are about other business.

Babies enjoy a rocking sensation but it does not always have to be in your arms. The rocking of the baby gives the same sensation that the baby got in the womb for nine months whenever the mother walked.

The market has hundreds of different types of baby rockers and bouncers.

Baby bouncers and rockers are becoming more popular with most Indian homes. These are must-haves for families with babies because of their multi-tasking ability. They allow babies to rest, play and sleep. This gives the mother or baby caregiver an opportunity to do other things as the baby is busy either on the bouncer or rocker.

Babies love having fun at an available opportunity. It is always fun to allow your baby to entertain himself by rocking or bouncing on the baby bouncer. As your baby’s tiny hands start to make movements, the bouncer or rocker is important as it allows him to move himself and thereby stimulate the rocking sensation.

As a mother, you do not have to be worried about your baby sliding or crawling in the house because the rocker or bouncer is designed to contain your baby without getting bored. They allow the baby to glide around hence the baby will be happy and entertained. Also, as your baby grows, you can convert the rocker into a stationary chair where he sits as he enjoys the stay.

Most of the baby bouncers come with different toys attached. The toys play a crucial role in helping the baby’s cognitive, sensory and motor skills improve. The baby can start using a bouncer or rocker as soon he is able to control his neck movements. Mostly, a baby below 4 months should not be placed either on a baby bouncer or rocker. This is due to the fact that, at four months, the baby is not able to stay in the position that a baby rocker or bouncer requires.

When purchasing a rocker or bouncer for your baby, ensure that you take the following safety tips into consideration:

  • Safety – ensure that the bouncer is placed n a level ground to avoid sliding and your baby falling
  • Easy of cleaning 
  • Comfort
  • Sturdiness – do not place the bouncer on top of either a table or counter because it can roll and cause an accident
  • Playing toys
  • Ensure that you use the restraint at all times
  • Make sure that you do not leave your baby unattended when on the rocker or bouncer
  • Always use the foot rocker to prevent the rocker from sliding on the floor
  • Ensure that your child always wears the safety belt
  • Ensure that you remove your child from the bouncer as soon as possible to avoid your baby sleeping on the rocker.

Top 5 baby rockers and Bouncers:

1.    Baby Center Rocking chair

This is one of the best standard baby rockers. It is ideal for babies and toddlers. It is stylishly designed and it is portable.


  • It has a small tray where you can conveniently place the baby’s toys or food. 
  • It has a footrest at the bottom where your baby can comfortably place his feet
  • It has a 3 point harness strap for the baby’s safety
  • It is high enough to provide coziness to your baby while feeding
  • It has 4 reclining positions which can be adjusted manually
  • It comes with a 5 point safety belt
  • It has adjustable wheels for easy mobility
  • It comes with vibrations to provide your baby with soothing and calming vibrations
  • It has toys attached
  • It is easy to clean and it can be machine washed
  • It can hold a maximum weight of 18 kgs for babies and for toddlers up to 4 years of age


  • It has vibrations for calming the baby
  • It is easy to carry
  • You can adjust the height
  • It comes with a dog toy with 2 batteries


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2.    LuvLap 3 in 1 Rocker

Luvlap is one of the most renowned baby rocker brands the world over. Its rocker is designed to give your baby extreme safety, comfort among other amazing features for your baby or toddler. It comes in a bright red color which makes it look adorable.


  • It comes with a mosquito net which put away insects from biting your baby
  • It has 3 switching positions to allow your baby relax, play and sleep
  • It comes with speakers for sounds and a controller for the volume
  • It has 10 different melodies to entertain your baby
  • It has a 3 point harness for safety
  • It has a 3 level adjustable vibrator to encourage the baby to sleep
  • Its seat and mattress are removable
  • The frame is adjustable for toddlers to sit comfortably
  • It hand withstand the weight of up to 18 kg 


  • It has a toy bar
  • It has 10 different melodies to entertain your baby
  • The volume is adjustable
  • Pocket-friendly price


•    It is heavy

•    The seat pad cannot be washed

•    It has a bulky design

3.    Baby Bucket Newborn to Toddler Bouncer

This is a portable bouncer which comes with toys, selectable vibrator, and mode. The baby bucket newborn to toddler bouncer is a multipurpose bouncer which can be used for the baby to relax, play and feed. It is also lightweight hence you can carry it easily from one point to another.


•    It comes with a fold-out kickstand 

•    It can withstand a weight of up to 18 kg

•    Its dimensions are 12 x 54 x 38.5 cm

•    It can be used for babies between 1 and 2 years

•    It can be converted from a bouncer into a seat for a toddler when feeding or sleeping

•    It has beautiful bunny prints 

•    It comes with a snap-in toy bar

•    It weighs 3.5 kg hence you can easily carry it around


•    It has a vibrator

•    The battery for the vibrator is long lasting

•    Its cloth is removable and can be washed easily

•    It has a baby toy

•    The toy has nice music


•    It does not have a handle hence moving it or carrying it is a difficult task

•    The frame is not tightly screwed together

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4.    Baby Einstein Neptune Lights and Sea Bouncer

This is a perfect baby bouncer where you can strap your child and he will not be bored as you attend to other chores. It is loaded with many features which will keep your child entertained as well as learn while on the bouncer.

This bouncer will not only entertain your child but also it will give your child a chance to learn from the various toys available.


  • It is powered by a strong battery
  • It has 15 different activities
  • It is ideal for both boys and girls
  • It can carry a weight of up 10 kg
  • The baby bouncer weighs only 2.7 kg hence it is portable
  • It uses the 1 C battery type
  • The toy bar has inbuilt lights
  • Its dimensions are 12.2 x 35.6 x 51.6 cm
  • It comes in different color shades
  • The inbuilt lights at the toy bar can be switched on manually or by the baby’s movement
  • It comes with an extra loop to add the swinging toys
  • The activities are available in three different languages
  • The bouncer comes with a vibrator to help the baby calm down and relax
  • It comes with a 3 point harness to ensure that the baby is secure
  • It has flashcards
  • It’s nautical design help to develop your child’s cognitive and motor skills


•    The lights, toys, and sounds help to stimulate the baby’s cognitive and motor senses

•    The 15 different activities keep the baby entertained and educated at the same time

•    It can rotate 360 degrees hence it allows your baby to move around at will

•    The different activities and toys keep the baby engaged and entertained

•    It has an extra room for the baby to jump and move freely


•    Due to the many activities, the battery requires constant charging

•    The many parts and toys may pose a danger to the baby’s safety

5.    Bright Start Bounce and Spring Deluxe Door Jumper

This is a bouncer that stands on its class since it comes with a spring and door jumper. It allows your child to have great fun as he bounces. It also comes with adjustable straps. It is a perfect bouncer which will grow with your baby.

The door has a soft sponge which gives your child a little comfort as he jumps. The bouncer can rotate 360 degrees hence it does not restrict your child’s movements.


  • It is ideal for babies between 6 and 12 months
  • It has 4 different toys for your baby to play with
  • The straps of the door bouncer are adjustable
  • It can pass a doorway easily
  • It is light hence you can easily carry it
  • It is sturdy
  • The seat pad is machine washable
  • It can carry a maximum weight of 11 kg
  • It has the following dimensions 27.9 x 33 x 185 cm
  • The seat is padded with a ring to provide extra comfort
  • It has a soft lining to provide the baby with a perfect fit
  • It is suitable for both boys and girls
  • The door has a mirror for your child to discover himself


•    It comes at a pocket-friendly price

•    The toys keep the baby entertained

•    The toys are ideal for babies between 6 and 12 months

•    The bouncing door has numerous detachable toys


•    With time, the bouncer begins to wobble

•    Hinges of the door can get loose after some time


How Long can a Baby Stay in a Bouncer

As long as the bouncer is soft and well balanced, a child can stay as long as the baby wants. Besides that, if your child is comfortable, you can let him sleep for a short while on the bouncer more especially during the day.

If you must allow your child to sleep in the bouncer, ensure that you use the lowest position so that your child can sleep comfortably. 

However, it is not recommended to let your baby lie or sleep in the same position for a long time. For this reason, ensure that you check your child’s position from time to time. Also, make sure that you use the harness if your child cannot sit on his own.

Can Baby Sleep in Vibrating Bouncer?

The simple answer to this question is NO! It is not safe. A bouncer, just like a car seat is meant for the baby to stay there for a short time. The baby needs to sleep on a flat platform. The problems associated with a vibrating bouncer include difficulty in breathing, a crick in the neck, reduced tummy time and disturbed sleep patterns.

The Dangers of Baby Rockers

As a parent, you want your bundle of joy to be happy and comfortable. A vibrating rocker is meant to make your baby calm or lull him to sleep. But are there any dangers associated with its use? Studies have found the following dangers:

1.    Difficulty in Breathing

Before 4 months, a baby is not able to control his neck movements. He will tend to let the head fall to the chest. When the head is resting on the chest, it is likely to cause the airway to constrict and this can cause suffocation.

2.    Crick in the Neck

This is medically referred to as Torticollis. This condition happens when the child is not able to use all his neck muscles. If the rocker does not allow the baby to move his neck freely, it will cause the unused muscles to favor on one side.

3.    Sleep Challenges 

If your child gets used to sleeping that is associated with the rocking of the rocker, he will have difficulty sleeping when he becomes older. This means as a parent you will spend a lot of time trying to rock your baby to sleep because he cannot sleep without rocking.


Every time you hold your baby, its lots of joy with the snuggles. But truth be told, you will need a break. The baby bouncer or rocker gives you a humble opportunity to free your hands while at the same time ensuring that your child is safe and comfortable. You can allow your child to seat on the bouncer or rocker for as long as your child is comfortable. However, you should monitor him to ensure that he does not remain in the same position for so long.

When you are going to purchase a baby rocker or bouncer, take the following factors into consideration:

  • It should be easy to use
  • It should be durable
  • Consider your budget
  • It should be simple to use
  • It should be versatile
  • It should be sturdy and safe
  • The kind of toys and sounds it makes
  • An adjustable and inclining seat
  • It should be comfortable
  • It should be lightweight so that you can carry it around with ease. 
  • The rocker or bouncer should not make a lot of noise when it is rocking or bouncing.