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Best Activity Boxes For Kids In India

Best Activity Boxes For Kids In India

On average, children in India under five are watching more than two hours of television a day. Access to mobile phones and new age online games and computers are making our kids into gadget addicts. Doctors say children who spend long hours in front of gadgets are increasingly showing signs of postural deformities, emotional detachment and are vulnerable to mental illness. Let’s not point fingers at each other, but act immediately and look for alternate options to get them off these gizmos.

With play areas shrinking, increase security threat in leaving kids alone outside and lack of time with both parents working, best thing parents can opt for is ‘Activity based subscription boxes’.

Why Activity Based subscription boxes are good for kids

Playing is how children learn. Play comes naturally to children. Combining learning with fun filled exercises like performing science experiments, making robots and creating their own tools and gadgets would help children to pick the laws of chemistry, maths and physics with ease. And also creators of these boxes have packed these up in such a way that children will get the required fun, excitement and surprise element.

So go ahead and pick your favorite activity based subscription box

1 . Flintobox

Flintobox offers various toys, colorful objects, puzzles, and lots more every month for different activities for all age groups and all the activities are as per the need of the ages which engage them to play and to learn various thing they should learn. For example, a kid of 2 years should learn to pull or push or to kick, so Flintobox offers colorful toys like football and other which will help the kid to learn the above in a gaming way.

Age Group – 2 to 12 years

Mostly the kit includes :

  • A “Flinto” character storybook
  • 3-4 fun learning activities every month
  • All materials required for the activity with activity mats
  • Detailed step by step activity instruction sheet.
  • All activities are packed in eco-friendly sheet.

Lots of Themes for different age groups which help them to learn the right thing. Themes related to colors, nature, animals, birds, science fictions, Jungle, Marine science, moral teachings, and lots more

Relatable worksheets for your kid, which are again fun to do. The best way to teach a child is via various interesting activities and worksheets and Flintobox does complete justice to it.

2. Magic Crate

Magic Crate offers boxes of toys and other engaging substances which enhance the kids thinking capacity and practical knowledge in an interesting and engaging way. The products not only keep the kids engaged with them but also facilitate the kids’ skill development.

Age Group 1.5 to 12 years

Unlike others, Magic Crate themes are designed and developed for the overall growth of kids including their mental and physical. They provide various toys, items, colorful objects that will let the kids act and think about various aspects related to Alphabets, family, nature, animal, science facts, math, motor skills, the way of expression, art, seasons and seasonal changes, etc. In short, Magic Crate introduces the colorful world to the kids with their variety of objects and help to increase curiosity in them to learn more.


Coming from the house of one of best e-commerce portal for kids, First cry. Intellikit is indeed for a smarter child. It has lots of activities to engage kids for a complete month. You’ll certainly have to sit with your lil one, which will ensure a perfect quality time. The activities are elaborate and fun and again theme based.

Age Group 2 to 6years.

Kit usually comes with

  • 8 Age appropriate activities
  • A lovely storybook to tap the reading skills
  • A whole calendar of activities
  • Happy Tracker to keep a track of your child’s development over the time
  • Set of worksheets to help kids retain the concepts

4. PodSquad

podsquad subscription based activity box

There activity boxes are curated by experts, approved by teachers and tested by kids. They have designed there learning materials based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence. It is designed by Quadrum solutions, which has more than a decade of experience in creating books for some of the world’s largest publishers across India, USA, UK and Africa.

Age Group 1 to 10 years.

This holistic kit, enhanced with related digital content, is available basis the age group and includes

  • A colorful storybook
  • A super adorable and funny plushie tody referred as “Pod”, which signifies kids personalities.
  • Letter to parents with instructions of activities
  • Cute certificate of achievement, which can be assigned to kids after the completion of the activity.
  • Activities, all packed neatly in colorful drawstring bags.

This kit is rich in arts and crafts, varied science experiments, flash cards which are all quite a lot engaging and interesting. Also subscribers can avail their digital platform solutions like e-books, free printable’s, newsletters, games etc.

5. Xplorabox

Xplorabox provides subscription based activity box for kids in the age range 2-4 years, 4-8 years and 8 year plus. For toddlers they provide 5 games and various DIY activities in each box, according to the theme. 4-8 years will receive five games every month that could help in developing skills like motor, cognitive, play & social skills. Kids above 8 years will get DIY science and technology boxes.This monthly subscription activity box has lots of skill-enhancing activities.

Age Group 2 to 12 years

Thematic age-appropriate box, it is full of exciting DIY games, science projects and more. You also get 20 downloadable activity worksheets via email every month.

Conclusion on Activity Based subscription boxes (Activity boxes):

Convinced enough to try these activity kits for kids? All that you need is the right approach for this fun-based learning. These kits are worth try. You might love one subscription box (activity kit) over another and it is completely basis your experience. But the generic things remain the same, as

  • Don’t think that your task is complete, once a craft/activity is done. You’ll have to re-iterate the concepts learned with many practical experiences.
  • Many of these activities are re-playable. Keep on doing them more than once.
  • As a parent, you’ll have to guide your child, but forget the thought of putting 80% of your own efforts. Your child should put in 80% efforts and you should jump in between only for the rest 20%. Control your temptation!!